Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sunday Morning...........

The following was written by J.Allie McNider:

It is Monday! He entered the city with the crowds waving palms and raising their voices! They would raise those same voices later in the week. Crucify Him! I was in both crowds!

It is Tuesday! Can you imagine the anxiety Jesus must of felt as the days passed. Knowing exactly what the next two days would bring! Yet he pressed on only thinking of me! Have I lived a life derserving of that kind of love? No! But He knew that and did it anyway!

It is Wednesday! The tide is changing. I have laid my palm branches down. I am beginning to lower my voice and slip away. I am rationalizing about how I don't want to be a religious fanatic and Jesus continues to march to the Cross! Where will I be forty eight short hours from now?

It is Thursday! I have decided to blend in with the crowd as the trials begin. I hear those making the charges and I am afraid to speak. So worried about my own life and reputation! What if this is alll there is? At least I won't be one of the crazies they laugh at! I feel so ashamed. I want to speak! I want to say He is innocent! I want to say I will go with Him to the cross! He knows how I feel and He continues His march to the cross!

It is Friday! The trials have gone throughout the night. I tossed and turned all night. I tried to sleep, but my conscious would not let! I felt so ashamed as I could hear the lashes and the crowds. I was the guilty one yet I was in the comfort of my bed and He was paying the price! As the sun rose I could see it's light on the hill where the Bright and Morning Star, The Rose of Sharon, The Light of the World would go into total darkness to allow me to live in light

It's Saturday! I can't believe the week has ended like this! It is so quiet! The crosses are empty. The ground is covered in blood! I hear people saying, finally it is over! He was not who He said He was! Just another man! I don't know what to believe anymore. I don't want to doubt, but what if He is really dead and it is all over. I find myself only worrying about my own welfare! What if they come for me? I feel I will quote the words of Peter! I never knew Him! I guess tomorrow will be just another day.

It's Sunday. I woke with no hope for the future. I wept most of the night realizing everything I had put my faith in what may had been nothing but a whisper of faded hope! But just as I thought it was all over I saw in a distance two women jumping in the air and yelling to the top of the voices. I could not understand what they were saying at first. I could only distinguish the word alive. As theygot go closer they told me they had been to His grave and he was not there! All that remained were His grave wrappings! At that moment of hopelessness everything changed! He is who He said He was! He is the Messiah! He is the King of Kings! He is alive and I need to go and tell everyone I meet! Join me in telling everyone! It's Easter.

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  1. Good stuff, TK. My kids missed having Allie, but I'm glad to see you took good notes!