Saturday, May 13, 2017

A Table for Fifteen, Please

April 28, 2017
Five celebrations and a smorgasbord:

Ron's birthday was  April 23rd. King Ron is officially a Septuagenarian!
That's a big number!

Bless his heart!
Keep on rocking my world, and grabbing every moment of everyday.
You're my hero ♥.
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Granddaughter, Katelyn was 4 May4th.
She is JUST LIKE HER MOM.... in so many ways!
Watch out world!
Happy Birthday, Sweetie ♥.


Daughter Lauren will be 30 on May 14th.
OH OH OH...How did that happen?
You will ALWAYS be my baby .
PS.... and now you have THE CARD!
Guard it with your life!

We also celebrated:
Because it is not always possible for everyone to be at the same
place, at the same time, we've started combining celebrations!
It's how we roll.
The 5 Grands seemed pleased to substitute the usual jelly beans for bubbles this year!
6 Moms in one place!
Don't forget to call 1-800-FLOWERS.

(A table for fifteen, please)
This celebratory 'eat-a-thon' has been mastered for years!
Everyone has a part. They either bring a dish, fill water glasses, help with serving, or
end up on 'clean-up' duty. It's all a part of the smorgasbord.
"A Table for 15, please."
The photo below is Lauren's creation.. Carrot Cake Cupcakes.
Lauren used her Granny Dot's recipe. (Dot always made your favorite cake or pie for your birthday. The carrot cake almost always was first choice!)

Then there was chicken, mac'n'cheese, fruit, salad, rolls, hors d'oeuvres, icecream.
Without a doubt, the most favored time of our evening is at
 "A Table for Fifteen."

We laugh.
We talk (usually at the same time).
We eat.
We share.
We blow out candles.
We love ❤️

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