Monday, September 21, 2015


Day 1. 
The King and Queen have successfully kept an 11 week old baby boy alive for 9 hours. 
It took both of us.  
We took 2 naps, totally missed lunch, and seriously can't remember if this is Monday or Tuesday. Don't ask how many times we left our coffee cups in the microwave to re-heat!
We are currently looking everywhere for chips, candy, pretzels, popcorn.... Anything. 
Forget dinner.
Is it too early to buy Halloween candy?

Wyatt was delivered bright and early this morning by his Daddy.

He came with 2 pages of instructions:

Batteries were not included, but it was highly recommended that we get OUR batteries recharged.
Simple right? Easy Peasy! After all, we are parents to 3 adult children. There's been no time to make dinner, wash clothes, clean, watch tv, take strolls on the Greenway, play or FB, or work in the garden. We are loading up on our vitamins and going to bed as soon as it gets dark!

We did, however, spend an entire day cooing, rocking, feeding, singing, and loving on our newest grandchild.

Counting it all joy


  1. I'm going to enjoy following your adventures...vicariously ;-) I hope you can continue to find time to write about them!

    1. Thanks Janeson, Everyday will be an adventure! BTW, sleeping is NOT overrated !