Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A walk in the woods

There's nothing quite like a walk in the woods.... on a Wednesday afternoon, in December!
Weather temperatures are unusually warm.
It feels great to soak in the outdoors. The sun on my face is soothing. Sunglasses required!

Ron and I live on a mountain.
The walk to the intersection of our street is 1/2 mile (ish).
Just past the stop sign, on the right, there is a short cut-through walk to the Roanoke Mountain Campground.

The path is clear, though side-by-side walking. Some people feel more comfortable with walking sticks, as it is not paved. Walkers and runners use this 4 mile one-way loop road frequently.

You never know WHO you will see!

Oh wait...... here comes our son, Walter, running towards us! Small world....and a nice rest stop for us OLDER, SLOWER people!(He runs. We walk.)

You never know WHAT you will see.

Looks like someone decorated their own tree!

Looks like someone had made a teepee fort!

Leaving the campground area, and crossing the street, we start on another loop, known as the Chesnut Ridge Trail<----click on this to read all about the trail! 
"The trail is on the Blue Ridge parkway and one of the Roanoke Valley's most popular trails."
One of the nicest features of this trail is the solitude.....whether it be summer, fall, winter, or spring.
The winter months are great for viewing the lay of the land.

I'm back home... refreshed, relaxed, and NAILED IT on my fitbit! (11019 steps = 4.79 miles)

A walk in the woods.....anyday.... is a good day !

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