Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Finding My Way Back to Middle C

A funny thing happened yesterday, on my way through the living room. 
I glanced over to my left, and saw my piano.
I'm not sure what drew me to sit down and .... well.... just sit.
I stared at the music. 
I stared at strings. 
I stared at the contrast of the black and white. 
I stared at the walnut grain in the wood. 
I stared at the brass pedals.
I was in a trance. 
It had been years since this "King of Instruments" and I had gotten together. And, oh my, did we have some good times!
Dust, dirt and grim had built up on the 88 keys.
And then I found my way back.
I touched Middle C. My heart skipped a beat.
It was just as I remembered.
I knew it wouldn't be the last time.
I knew that I wanted to wedge out a time to hit that Middle C again, and then hit it again, and again.
I knew it would take discipline, commitment, and practice.
That was yesterday.
Today, I'm still glad that I found my way back to Middle C.