Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sometimes you feel like a nut....sometimes you don't

This morning looked like a feeding frenzy (Not at our kitchen table, mind you, but outside the windows of our sunroom). 
We have been generously feeding the birds for the past 2 weeks. They have been fun to watch. Honestly, I didn't know that we had so many varieties in our yard! (see post About those birds...). 
Today's fiasco was a little different!
It was all about THE SQUIRRELS.
Squirrels are known for eating nuts.... acorns, walnuts, pecans, hickory, almonds, peanuts(legumes) ...anything they can get their hands around. Of course, they will also eat apples, grapes, watermelon,  celery, broccoli, practically anything that you throw out. These rodents primarily eat fruit and tree seeds but also nibble on flowers, insects, bark. 
Squirrels are simply not picky eaters!

And if you think for one moment, that these cute little creatures aren't tricky, smart, and quick, hold your breath! These squirrels shop for their food anywhere. 
No nuts?
No problem! 
"I think this bird food will do, thank you very much!"

You might as well love 'em, 'cause you sure can't keep 'em from getting to the feeders!
Of only humans were this determined! (sigh)

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