Sunday, November 15, 2015

A.Blast.From.The.Past ~ Virginia Heights Elementary School 1954-1959

A few weeks ago, a Facebook acquaintance posted a few pics of  a crew of urchins from Virginia Heights Elementary School. Talk about reminiscing! GOOD GRIEF! I possess one or two of the following photos (in my storage closet of unorganized photos). The person that shared these photos, however, had the entire pandora's box!) These photos opened up a lot of memories for me, from my childhood...some good, some not so good. Elementary school was, for the most part, pleasant. I found it fascinating to see faces that I remembered and faces that, well...I have no clue. I loved seeing the style of clothing. I vividly remember and will never forget my teachers, and their names! They helped to shape who I am today! I remember learning the states, and capitals and their placement on the map!(need to refresh my memory on that one). I remember getting an orange for successfully printing my ABC's...and oh I remember learning how to square dance....hahaha. I remember biting my nails, and YIKES, I remember where I hid my report cards. And yes, I really did walk to school every day, in the rain, and snow.......and wearing a dress EVERY...SINGLE...DAY... 
First Grade, 1954

Second Grade 1955

another Second Grade 1955

Oh my....third grade. I think everyone was terrified to have Ms. Maines for a teacher. Rumors had it, that she had a ruler for slapping you on the hand, for the least little thing. I think that is when I started biting my nails. I've since learned that FEAR is, for the most part, a waste of time! She was a no-nonsense educator, and by golly, we LEARNED!

Third Grade 1956

Fourth Grade 1957

Fifth Grade 1958

Sixth Grade 1959

In the sixth grade, the girls were priviledged to be hostesses.....
(nope, can't remember what we did, but we had a laminated name tag, so it must have been really important.)
Sixth Grade Hostesses 

And the boys were honored to be patrols.......
Sixth Grade Patrols

I'm still searching for the photograph of our 7th grade class. Virginia Heights Elementary School was one of the few schools that added a 7th grade class to the school that year....1960. 
My goodness, some of these urchins graduated with me from Patrick Henry High School in 1966. 

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