Thursday, November 19, 2015

Oh Happy, Warm, Sunny, November Days ♥

What a great day be outdoors......sunny, 70 degrees,  and November19th. 
You know, I think people are nicer when the sun is shining.  I know I am! 
Our outdoor walks are pretty much controlled by Wyatt, our 4 month old grandson. (Gotta eat, burp, change poopy diapers, etc., then dash to the car, walk, and be back home for the next feeding....phew)
He sure is cute, though, so we do what works.
Wyatt is one happy little baby!

Our usual route is The Roanoke River Greenway. It's beautiful, safe, easy walking, and stroller friendly. Due to lots of rain last night.....Oops, we couldn't go this way:
Wiley Drive

Oh well, turn around and go the other way....NOT TO BE DEFEATED!
Oops, that didn't work either:
Bridge and tunnel near Carilion Hospital

That didn't stop our walk! Over and around we went.(No we did not swim through the tunnel, with a stroller. We are good, but not that good!)
The other side of the bridge and tunnel.

It didn't seem to bother Mr. Wyatt which route we took. He took 
his nap for most of the stroll, and was ready to rock and roll by the time we got home!
Wyatt doesn't seem impressed, does he?

And.... I got my Fitbit steps done for the day!

Oh happy warm sunny November days ♥ 

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