Thursday, February 4, 2016

Savannah, A Southern Journey

Savannah in 2 1/2 days? Yikes! (of course, in order to see what we did, sleep was not a priority). The weather, however, was PERFECT, especially for the first few days in February.
Savannah, Georgia is laid out in a unique grid pattern of squares and parks, rich with statues, history, architecture, and riverfront views.  
It is easy to fall in love with the wrought iron, surrounding the old homes in the Victorian District. 
Cathedral of John the Baptist 

Touring Savannah is a cinch, given enough time.The first time we visited this lovely city, we chose to ride the trolley. Our guide was fabulous with his history and trivia (well-worth the time and money, if visiting for the first time).  You can easily tour by car, trolleys, horse and carriage, boating, shuttle, ferry, streetcar, or the old- fashioned way----> walking.
River Street, in the heart of downtown, is covered with uneven cobblestone, set in place more than 200 years ago. Did I say uneven? Wear comfortable shoes!
The Riverfront 

Restaurants, art galleries, vendors, souvenirs of all kinds, speciality shops, antique shops,........night life and daytime activities are abundant. Five star awards to the historic Savannah walk-in dining,  River House, located in an 1828 King Cotton Warehouse. Established in 1982, we dined while watching the merchant ships float by on the Savannah River. Our second dining extravaganza was The Chart House. (Oh my.... check out the menu! We will be giving some of these dishes at home!). Here was our dining view!
The Talmadge Memorial Bridge is the largest bridge in Savannah.

Forsyth Park (one of 22 squares/parks) houses the famous White Forsyth fountain. 

Spanish moss hangs gracefully on every tree.

Did you know that Savannah's downtown area is one of the largest National Historic Landmark Districts in the United States? It is divided into four sections: the Historic Landmark District, Victorian District, Thomas Square and Baldwin Park.
The beautiful City Hall, known for its gold leaf dome, is also in downtown Savannah.

Before leaving Savannah, we ventured out to  Tybee Island , a 20 minute drive from downtown. What a treasure! The pier, the lighthouse.....the BEACH....vintage beach cottages, all facing the Atlantic Ocean, were a few of the sites that we enjoyed.

Tybee Island Lighthouse, Georgia's oldest and tallest lighthouse
Happy Groundhog Day 2016

Get it? hahaha

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