Thursday, June 16, 2016

Adventures on Craig Creek

Tuesday was one of those days.
We had been invited to share a vacay day with Walter, Stephanie, Ethan and Carson.
You know, when your kids ask you to be a part of their "off" time, you are REALLY special.(and special we are, as we spent a week recently at the beach with Lauren, Andrew, and Wyatt. Soon we will be on our way to visit with Sarah, Brian, Landon, and Katelyn)
Well.... back to Tuesday.
One mile past Hoop Hole Trail, on Craig Creek Road, on the left, is a cabin hidden in the woods.

Very rustic, old, laid back, step-back-in-time, quiet, serene, nature-oriented, total relaxation before getting out of the car, ahh, no phone service, sketchy wi-fi, dial-up phone service, and definitely out in the boonies.....THE place to be for the day!
Our Host and Hostess with the most-est were Walter and Stephanie. They had rented this little jewel of a place for a week!!!

Ethan was my tour guide, can you tell?

The creek was clear, cool, calm, and mostly shallow. (great for my first attempt at kayaking)

Ethan and Carson were expert instructors!

What a beautiful place!

Ethan taught me everything I needed to know for my first successful trip, other than how sore I might be the next day!
Ready, set, push-off!

Ron, Walter and Carson enjoyed fishing in the canoe. Whoa..... what that really a 4' pickerel??? Ron is still dreaming about that BIG fish that wouldn't bite!

Carson was the fishing expert!

The day flew by waaaaay too fast. Dinner, campfire, smores...

Don't waste your life.
Grab all of those moments that you can.
Life is short.
Time is fast.... no replay, no rewind.
Enjoy every moment as it comes, because one day you will look back, and realize they were the big things!
Thanks for the memories, yall!

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