Friday, June 3, 2016

Sand and Sea 06-03-2016

What is so therapeutic about the sea? Is it the sounds? or the motion of the waves? The gentle breeze?
What's the magic? Whatever it is, I'm usually able to become totally de-stressed  in about 12  minutes. Watch and listen to the sound on Holden Beach: 
ahhhh.... see, you are relaxing and dreaming, aren't you!

Sunscreen? Check!
Umbrella? Check!
Chair? Check!
Good Book? Check!
HOLDEN BEACH was extraordinary this year.... calm, serene, spacious.

Our accomendations were P.E.R.F.E.C.T! (Oceanfront)
We were honored to share our week with daughter, Lauren; son-in-law, Andrew; and grandson, Wyatt! Here's hoping they enjoyed it as much as we did!
Wyatt was as comfortable in the water as the fish!

Fortunately, this was the only shark that was seen this week!
Sand and salty water turned Wyatt into a little sea turtle!

Our entertainment for the week ♥
Splish Splash <---------------check out this video!!!

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