Saturday, July 16, 2016


Can you imagine being those little fairies that live and dance under the classic woodland mushroom canopy? Surely you have read  Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (click highlighted text to read about Alice). Chapter five is all about the mushroom, and of course, advice from a Caterpillar!

"Oh a hunting I will go..." 
And hunting I went!
No, I wasn't hunting to eat.... I was hunting to photograph! 
If you plan to do this, be prepared to get down with these fungi/toadstools/mushrooms. 
Grab a towel or mat.... and PLEASE, don't sit on the mushrooms! You'll be spending a lot of time flat on your stomach on the ground, getting dirty! 
Nope, I didn't dance under the mushrooms, but I got down under with the mushrooms!
Enjoy the photographs that I captured!

NOTE: Mushrooms can be poisonous, edible, wild, psychedelic, hallucinogenic, orange, yellow, purple, magic, or morel. It is important that you properly identify the fungi if you plan to eat them!!!

Click here to see some beautiful images-----> 21 Magical images.
Here is a great site: HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH.
Happy Hunting Down Under!

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