Friday, July 1, 2016

"By the way, is the butler done catching our trout?"

Caravel Dock at Sunset

VISA-----> the place that Ron and I frequently call 'The Moneta Triangle'. This is the place we go to enjoy swimming, sailing, camping, relaxing, socializing, campfires and more(a 50 minute drive from our home in Roanoke, Va).  We have been members of this sailing club for many years. Ron's parents, Winston and Dot, were part of the 'VISA 36' Charter Family Members, who founded VISA in the winter of 1965.  Sailing has been a part of our lives for many years!
In early June, our HUNTER 25 was hauled onto the lift to be cleaned and painted..... for the first time....EVER. She had never been out of the water, since they day we purchased her!
The bottom was power-washed, sanded, filled, and painted.

Sweat equity and lots of elbow grease

Re-launching her back into the water, and into our dock slip, took a few extra hands, holding our breath, and a big sigh of relief..... PHEW!
Oh that water felt good!

Oh yes, after 35 years, Queenie (first mate), decided it was time to put the feminine touch to the inside of our boat(a few new cushions, pillows, and lots more elbow grease).
Poor Capt. Ron has been dragged into luxury cruising after 35 years.
Does a woman EVER finish decorating????..... NO

Our efforts paid off with SMOOTH SAILING

Did I mention campfires? It doesn't matter how hot the summer temperatures soar, nothing beats a good ole' campfire. No chocolate deficiency here!

Next on the project list was our 11 yr old camper, which needed fluffing/cleaning, as in BIG TIME.
Famous words from King Ron....
"But it's fine the way it is"...
Which is short for ....
"I like the way my workshop looks. Hands off."
A 'before' shot!

'Glamping' is camping, but with glamour (a combination of the two words). 
Once again I engaged in an equal opportunity moment. 
The end result was great!..... 
King Ron even requested the Keurig! 
Things are looking up!!!!

Does a woman EVER finish decorating?..... NO

Summertime, sailing, and camping. My kind of R&R.
What are your favorite things to do ?

Does a woman EVER finish decorating?.... NO

"By the way, is the butler done catching our trout?"

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