Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Fireworks, Fair and Funnel cakes

The fair, as seen from my front porch!

Aren't you glad that you were born in the good ole U.S. of A? 

For the past several weeks, the media has shown a very ugly side of America. I am not denying these horrendous tragedies, but I think it is important that adults react and respond in a mature, intelligent manner.  I am disgusted seeing all of the political hatred of candidates, racial slurs and bigoted nonsense. Try to imagine, if you will, how powerful our own ANGER AND FEAR are being transferred to our young people! Shame on us! Life is precious, don't get me wrong, but get over yourselves, you bunch of big babies!! (OK... Rant over)
Enjoy the fireworks photos!

The Fourth of July fireworks festivities at RIVER'S EDGE  were cancelled due to the weather, but were rescheduled for the next evening, July 5th. The wait was worth it, as we stood on the walking bridge on Franklin Road to see the spectacular show! 

The following 2 evenings, we attended the Salem Fair. 
That innocent, playful, uncomplicated aspect of our 'inner child' took over! We get excited about going to the fair! May we never grow old in our zest for life.
"Never Grow Up"... Peter Pan. 
The Crescent Moon even showed up at the fair!

Wouldn't you love to fly? I would!

The action, the people, the rides, the music.........

Here's to remembering the Salem Fair 2016!

Yep, we ate one.... And it was delicious 

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