Saturday, January 7, 2017

First Snow in the 'Noke' for 2017

Hello January.
YAAAAAAY... It snowed in the 'Noke'. That's Roanoke, Va
This is the first thing I saw when I woke this morning:

.....And briefly I became a child.

The first snowfall seemed peaceful and quiet.
It was magical.
...powdery, pure white, rosy cheeks, glistening, isolated...
It was a light snowfall, and enough to blanket the ground.
...A snow day, but not snowed in...
The first snowfall called for everyone to stand still, sit, ponder, watch.
Again, it was magical.
Not everyone, however, likes snow.
While some people look out their window in the morning at the new-fallen snow, and see a winter wonderland, others see freezing temperatures, travel problems and misery.
I love it.
But I also loooooove having the choice to be indoors when the temperatures tonight will plummet into the low teens.
Today I enjoyed seeing all/most/some of the photos on Instagram and Facebook,
I'm not sure Wyatt's fascination was with the snow, or if it was being able to climb like a monkey onto the ledge of the window sill.
Either of these options made this photo priceless!

Wyatt's first snowday! 

Landon and Katelyn were equally fascinated this morning, and couldn't wait to get dressed before having their breakfast/lunch served on their tongues!

They didn't stay in their pjs long. Snow angels for sure!

The 2 older "grands" weren't quite as uninhibited as the younger 3... or at least with the photos that they agreed to share! Thanks Ethan for sending these to me! And thanks Carson for your beautiful smile! These 2 cuties are always ON.THE.GO.

At day's end, fireside, flannel, fleecy, and frappuccino became my preferred choices!
Baby it's cold outside. Y'all stay warm.....and safe!

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