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Monday, January 23, 2017

TODAY I AM PROUD........update.

Sometimes being proud is a good thing.
The last 23 days have made me proud.
Not only did I write a blog to the world, I challenged myself to de-clutter my home.
(Use it, love it, or get rid of it.)
What a whirlwind.....
My car is loaded with items to donate.
I've given stuff away.
The trash containers have overflowed with 'WHY DID I SAVE THESE' items.
A few things have been sold.
NOTHING however, was stored in the PACK box below.

My intent with this project is to GET RID of it, not KEEP it.
As of today, there are 258 items that are no longer in my house.
The NOURISHING MINIMALISM site suggests that you take the 
2017 Challenge and eliminate 2017 items in 2017.
(The easiest, most painless attack to this mammoth project is to eliminate 5 or 6 items daily, or 35 items per week.)
I've printed the chart, listed items, and marked the little blocks.
Today, I am proud to say that I am ahead of this challenge.

More than likely, my progress will slow down, but for today, I'm proud.

Sorry, ladies, these items are gone!

I would love to be able to add this to my declutter list: PROJECT 333 
It looks like it will be soon.

Next on the master plan is eliminating STUFF from my kitchen.
To be fair......... I have to admit to a TINY BIT OF TRUTH.
It's about that dream kitchen de clutter!
SOMETIMES we have to compromise.
This is one of those times!
Ron does all (not some, but ALL) of the cooking.
He is very creative, and uses just about all of the items that we have.
His advice:
"Be careful what you ask for!"
But for today, I am proud!

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