Sunday, January 1, 2017

Welcome 2017... Use it, love it, or get rid of it.

If the last several days are any indication of one of my goals for this year, then I'm off and running and no one can stop me!

2017 items in 2017..... as in GET RID OF 2017 items in the year 2017.

Nourishing Minimalism is the link that was suggested by a social media friend.Thank you Lisa! It's one of the few sites that sparked an interest. I've already made a 2017 chart as suggested, and am flitting from room to room, as my mind races to fill my chart. If you join the challenge, there is a free decluttering chart! Each time you get rid of an item, you put an "x" on a square (or black it out)
A bit overwhelming? Not if you break the challenge down into 39 items a week, or 5-6 items each day. The rules are your own. If you have a stack of magazines to get rid of, you may count it as one item, or you can count each magazine as an item.

Ready for this?
GONE---->An old computer, a very large stack of papers in a cabinet, 10 magazines, a broken shredder, floral arrangement, metal floral container, 12 art magazines, 2 pot holder, 2 cookbooks, 5 magazines from the kitchen, 5 articles of clothing, 200 Facebook acquaintances, 2 pair shoes, 2 pair socks.
It's just STUFF.......... and STUFF that I DO NOT NEED.
This week I'm in my sewing/craft/laundry room.
Can I say how excited I am to have EMPTY cabinets?
I'm excited to have EMPTY CABINETS.

***The point here is not to FILL UP these empty cabinets with more junk.***
***The purpose of my decluttering extravaganza is to live with less STUFF.
***Specifically, this translates----> DON'T BUY MORE STUFF.

There are an abundance of decluttering guides and sites available
Four of my favorites are:
Courtney Carver BE MORE WITH LESS
Kim Carruthers LESS IS MORE and
Francine Jay THE JOY OF LESS
I stumbled across HIP DIGGS the other day. Wow! Dan Erickson, who is a moderate minimalist, posted 9 reasons to stop collecting stuff (check out his link!). His post made a impression on me!
If that didn't do it for you...........this one surely will!(it's a fabulous SNOW DAY Project!
EASY, FUN, QUICK...and no order! Cross them off as you toss them out!
200 Things to Throw Away
Still another important part of my declutter plan is to clear up and clean out  my mind. Do you ever feel like you need to reboot your mind? Yep, sometimes I feel like my mind is crammed full like this:

"The world of stresses and worries and errands and projects and noise that we must all endure inflicts upon us a mind full of clutter and chaos."
Happy 2017 to you.
Here's to decluttering your world and your mind.
Use it, love it, or get rid of it!


  1. I like the 5-6 items a day option. Anyone can do that!

  2. Love it. I've been decluttering for years, but haven't stopped bringing in stuff. Now's the year to really purge. My mantra has always been "Use it or Lose it".

  3. Love it! I've been decluttering for years, but I haven't stopped bringing in Stuff! My Mantra has been "Use it or Lose it". This year my goal it to stop buying Stuff!

  4. I used the Konmari method to clean out much of my house last year, and it's been so freeing. My first project was clothing (Marie Kondo recommends a certain order from easiest, clothing, to hardest, sentimentals). It took me 12 hours and I got rid of - donated or discarded - 14 lawn bags of clothes, shoes, and purses. That was in January, and my closet is still neat. Since then I've done books (donated many to the library for their used book sale), paper, kitchen, bathrooms, and other categories. Whatever method you use to unclutter, just get it done. Your house will look so much better, and it will free up your mind for more important thoughts. Definitely one of my smartest new year's resolutions of all time. Now, it's onto those sentimentals.