Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Sanibel Stoop

Shelling and Sanibel go hand in hand, kinda like like peanut butter and jelly! We did the THE SANIBEL STOOP (this is serious stuff people! take a look at the link!), ate PBJ, and of course had our share of oranges and shrimp!
SeaShells By The Seashore

SANIBEL ISLAND is located on the gulf coast of Florida, near Ft. Myers. A lot of walking on the beach allowed us to get in our fitbit steps,as well as ....bending, stooping, bending, stooping, bending, stooping.

Sand Dollars from Bowman's Beach

More shells from Bowman Beach, Sanibel

Another great vacay 2016 on Sanibel Island

Starfish found outside our door!

It's best to wear sandals!

Here is a look a one end of the island. In the far distance is Ft Myer.

Shells at Island Inn Beach

We have enough shells to start our own beach!

And here, my the famous Sanibel Stoop!---for real!!!
The Sanibel Stoop

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