Friday, February 26, 2016

What Day Is It, Anyway?

It's Friday.
I know that because there are no more school lunches or bookbags to pack this week!
I know it's Friday, because we can stay up past 8:00pm tonight.
I know it's Friday, because we can fix popcorn, pizza, watch a movie, and not set that alarm clock for 6 AM.
I know it's Friday, because it's already dinner time, and there is no rush. In case you missed part 1, you can catch it here AWAY WE GO .

GrannyNanny and Papa have survived Camp Carino with a 2 and 6 yr old-------> so far!
(BY THE WAY.... this task is NOT FOR WIMPS.)
It has been wonderful------->so far!
We haven't lost them, or forgotten to pick them up at the bus stop!
They haven't been to the emergency room!
They haven't been sick!
*Note: There are two of us taking care of 2 children. I could not do this without KingRon's help! Fact: This adventure is a 50/50 thing! He is my hero! No task is too big or too small for my man!

We've fed, clothed, and bathed these sweathearts.

We have run, slept, read, talked, cooked, and laughed!
We have washed clothes, dishes, faces, tables, and floors.
We've traveled outside the neighborhood to the store, the new library, school, bus stop, and Walmart.

Thank goodness the homework was on our level of expertise (even with the u-tube for the shoes). Oh dear, ya'll please quit laughing!

We've watched Stuart Little2, Home Alone and Sprout.
We've played Candy Land, air hockey, and the piano.
Oops, almost forgot about THE WII...(more learning adventures for GrannyNanny and Papa)
Somewhere along the way, we managed to get a little exercise and fresh air!(did I mention there are a total of 48 steps at Camp Carino?) 
Things are going great.....except.......for one item, which pushed me OVER THE EDGE for awhile.
Every single one of these remotes, operates DIFFERENTLY.
This pic represents about 2/3s of the total remotes. I seriously went bonkers.

What day is it, anyway? 
It's Friday!!!
So far so good
We have not crossed the finish line, so please stay tuned for part 3!

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