Thursday, May 26, 2016

Good Ole' Mr. Lincoln

No, I'm not referring to good ole' Mr. Lincoln like you would think.

No, not President Abe Lincoln...
Lincoln's last portrait

This is specifically about Mr. Lincoln------> THE ROSE
Yes, the flower!
Experts rate the Red Hybrid Tea Rose  #1, as one of the most fragrant of all roses, for its red velvety blooms, and for its glossy green foliage!
Good ole' Mr. Lincoln has a looooooong history with the Sharpley clan...
He started out in Dot's (Ron's Mom) back yard, at least 40 years ago. It was very special to her because of the 3 white markings on the bloom. Each time she would carefully snip and re root Mr. Lincoln, all of the blooms would appear with these 3 white markings! Recently, I stumbled across a photograph of the rose, with the following, written on the back by Dot, in 2013.
What a keepsake!

Mr Lincoln was carefully moved to our yard 2 years ago. (Trust me when I tell you that I have night sweats about losing this plant!)
Click here----> May 23, 2104 , to view a Flikr photo that I captured 2 years ago, with one of those special white markings. 
Mr. Lincoln is a late bloomer this year, but you can bet your last dollar, I'll be taking a photo with those 3 white markings!
As to its velvety appearance.... oh my.....
Photo taken 05-21-2014

Dot would most always display Mr. Lincoln in her pewter container.
Mr. Lincoln now has a beautiful child in our back yard, not too far from him. The blooms and buds will be displayed in that pewter container soon!

No pressure Walter, Sarah, and Lauren (our children)..... but when we are no longer able to keep these jewels alive, which one of you will be doing this?????  Perhaps we should make sure that there are plenty of Mr. Lincoln's children!
My jobs, for now, are to spruce up the painting that I did for Dot in 2011, and to keep Good Ole' Mr. Lincoln and his child alive! 

Fast forward to May, 2016!!! Here are 2 photos of Mr. Lincoln. The first is budding, and the second is showing the 3 special markings! 
The first bud of 2016
It amazes me how these white marking show up in each rose!

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