Thursday, May 5, 2016

This Mom is Smiling....

Recapping the BRM 04/16/2016 .....
Blue Ridge Marathon for those that are not familar with the initials!)
This race was a BIG DEAL for us peeps here in Southwest Virginia.
It was a BIG DEAL for those people that trained so vigourously to participate in the event.
The race was a BIG DEAL for THE NOKE .
It was a BIG DEAL because I Roanoke Outside, and this is my hometown.
The MOM in me is smiling because all of my chickens  adult children ran the 1/2 marathon. 
They ran together.......!
and that was a BIG DEAL!

From the looks on their faces.... They had a few laughs along the route.

Walter, Sarah, and Lauren planned, trained, texted, and had a blast getting ready for the big day! (I think one of them trained more than the other.... Not real sure).  
They were HOKA ready!

And they were excited.

Not only are they siblings, they are friends.
This Mom is smiling.
Thanks Kemper for the photo!

Run, walk, skip, jump, crawl, pant, laugh, huff, puff... 
This much I know is true: 
Walter, Sarah, and Lauren encouraged and supported each other.
They never left each other's side.
They accomplished a goal while enjoying each other's company.
They ran as a team, and not as an individual.
Their commitment and loyalty to each other, as well as finishing the race, made me smile.

Yes, this Mom is smiling

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