Sunday, May 1, 2016

Robin Hood and his Arrows

Archery has been a part of civilization for millenniums. What was once a means to provide food and protection for one's family is now a favorite pastime for both young and old.
Robin Hood, aka, King Ron, loves his bow and arrows.
While I confess to not knowing a lot about archery, I do know that he can tune out anything that is not important to his shot execution. His mental game dominates! 
Robin Hood  Ron would agree that archery has many lessons to be learned:
1. Discipline
2. Mental focus
3. Attention to detail
4. Persistence
5. Patience
6. Confidence
7. Personal responsibility
8. Play by the rules
9. Social skills
10. Fun

Use your instinct
Position yourself
Draw your arrow
Position your fingers on the string
Prepare to shoot
Breathe easy
Be consistent
Build your strength
Be still

OK..... I had a little fun today as well!
The photographer in me, wanted to capture the arrows in flight.


Maybe I'm not quite the Princess Bride, but....then again.

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