Monday, May 30, 2016

Skid Marks, Kudzu, Revels, and the Underwear Factory

King Ron  has a way with words.
His MO is called PLAY ON WORDS (a humorous ambiguous use of words or phrases). 
Those that know him KNOW!  It is intentional! 
Those that don't know him, might tend to think he is a little 'touched'.
"So Dad, I need directions to the  beach!" 
"First, take a left at the skid marks." The skid marks were on 220, which takes you through Ridgeway, right where route 87 directs you to Eden, NC.
"Then take a right at the white church that is covered in KUDZU, which is on the left." Winding our way through Greensboro was simply not an option, especially with backseat urchins, demanding attention of the co-pilot....thus trying to navigate around Greensboro was our intent!
"Take a left at Rockingham, and stop to eat at Revel's Barbeque." This is a MUST STOP regardless of the time of day.
"Turn right at the underwear factory, " he would reply.
He would then add, "Keep the sun on your left arm, until you reached the ocean."
For years, our family went to the same location, same beach, same week, and the same way!
Ah, they understood completely! No route numbers were needed, no lady needed to talk to you on the phone, no mapquest was necessary to follow.... look for the  skid marks, kudzu, Revels, and the underwear factory on the left, on the roads in Hamlet, NC.
Anyone else remember those skid marks?
The Gilead Intimate Apparel outlet is now closed. 
Left standing is the empty, boarded up white building.  
Our route to the beach has also changed.  
But for today, we revisited a piece of family history, and a bit of a family secret! 

Next to the ancient, dilapidated, closed underwear factory is the city reservior, a park, and a few picnic tables.

The stalking part?
On our way to our destination this year, we stopped for one more mini break....another picnic table,  no white building, no skid marks.
I did the stalking! 
Ok, it's a little corny, if you get my drift.

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