Monday, November 14, 2016

A Super-Duper Sunday

Thanks Michael Kline for capturing the GROUP!. 

Today is the day.
November 14, 2016
The moon is 100% illuminated.
The moon is 363,313.18 km away.
It is 14 days old.
The moon will rise at 17:44 and set at 07:55 (Nov 15)
That's the facts. Here is what you should see:

For those that know me, you know I love looking at the moon.... and the stars.
It takes me away to a happy place. (and between me and you, we all need to find a happy place).
Yesterday (Sunday) was clear.
Our 'photog' group knew that today would be we seized the opportunity to capture the moon as close to 100% as possible! (and between me and you, we all need to seize more opportunities)
We met at the Roanoke Mountain Overlook.

Can I say how much I love this diverse group?
I LOVE YOU! (and between me and you, it would do us all some good to be a part of a happy group similar to this!)
We were given hand-outs.
I was familiar with the SUNNY 16 RULE.
The LOONEY 11 RULE was new to me. (and that is much different than LUNATIC, which still has to do with the moon----->NOT ME).
Here is comes.
Click! Boy, it got silent among-st this verbal group, when we saw that moon coming up over the mountain! (and yep, between me and you, it would do a world of good, if every now and then..... we became silent.)
The sun was shining behind us, thus the shadows near the mountains.

Oh what a breathtakingly beautiful site! Peace be still!

Thanks Tom Cerul, our leader for the evening! Fabulous photo 

And then my friend Stephen Humpleby from western Australia posted this.... oh my!

Twenty-three+ members of the EXPOSURE ROANOKE CAMERA CLUB attended this event.
Each of us submitted photos to share with the group.
Every photographer sees something different.... totally different.
King Ron and I can be standing next to each other, same camera, same lens, same tripod, focusing on the same thing, and end up with 2 different photos.... (ready for this one? Between me and you, no 2 people perceive the same thing, My way of seeing things is not the only way. And sometimes there is a better way. 

Some of us had never done composites before.

To add a little humor, I found this today on fb. hahahahaha.
Now this is worth trying, so beware of my future composite photos!
Steven Shires of Lexington, Va 

Yes, it was a Super-Duper Sunday, but today is Monday, and the clouds came rolling in for the super moon tonight.
(And between me and you WE GET WHAT WE GET SO DONT THROW A FIT....lessons from preschool)
Oh wait......There's more!!!!!
Here is an 'add-on'.... It is now Tuesday morning.
Ahhhh..... delighted to wake up and be able to take the Super-Duper Super Moon as she was saying good bye. The sun was coming up and the moon was setting.
100% illuminated

(100%........hummmmm...... between me and you, we should always give 100%)

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