Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Time For Reflection.......

It's time to move on......
This election exposed how deeply polarized this country is today. A lot of people are still struggling to accept the words 'President-elect Trump'.
Ready or not, this transition is moving forward.
Now, all eyes are on 2017.
TRUMP WON........CLINTON LOST. (If you don't like the process of the Electoral College,.....get your whiny butts out there and do something about it.)
OH WAIT..... I guess we could call it a tie, and give everyone a trophy!
Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose.

But we can't do this!
Quit drowning your sorrows on social media. You sound like a bunch of HISTRIONIC drama queens/kings.(Click on the highlighted big word, for those that may not know what it means!)
The grieving process is certainly allowable, I get that.
After a few more days, however, no one will pay attention to you, as you will have been profiled into that "eye roll" category.

In other words......
What to tell your children? seriously? Tell them your candidate lost.
It's not necessary to repeat everything you hear to your underage children.
Your job as a responsible parent is to "TRAIN UP A CHILD IN THE WAY HE SHOULD GO".
It is what it is.........until it isn't.
Take control of your own life.
Challenge yourself to control the way you respond (that, my friend, is power!).
Hillary Clinton's concession speech was very gracious:
"Donald Trump is going to be our POTUS. We owe him an open mind and a chance to lead."
.........What part of that did you not understand?

We have lasted 240 years so far, and both sides agree that America is worth fighting for. We just have to make sure that the fight isn't always against each other. Each of us must decide what kind of person we want to be and what kind of relationship we want to have with our politically estranged friends/relatives. Everyone came to their politics in a real way. If you scratch just below the surface of any political post, you'll find a reason for it. A real one.

At the end of October, Donald Trump spoke in Gettysburg, Pa., and released a plan for his first 100 days in office. A copy of this is now sitting on my desk. I will be watching to see how/what/if/when these issues are addressed.
THE FIRST 100 DAYS (Click on link to read)
I hope Donald Trump is a good president.

Until the dust settles............
remember the past,
be a nice person,

We are all in this T.O.G.E.T.H.E.R
"United we stand, divided we fall"....hmmmmm, where did I read that?
PS. One of my favorite photog acquaintances and exquisite writer, wrote the following (Thank you, Matt Pollock )

Another first.
I go out of my way to avoid controversy on social media and never get embroiled in espousing personal views on religion or politics. Subjects which are deeply personal and differ from person to person.
Just as no one is going to change my faith or belief system I recognized a long time ago that I had no right to proselytize or attempt to impose my beliefs upon others when it came to these areas and that to do so would be disrespectful,rude and a blatant display of ignorance. Just because you are not on the same road or path that I am does not mean you are lost.
Like most Americans, I expect friends, family and acquaintances to respect my space and right to choose as I respect theirs even if I do not see things from their particular perspective. I certainly don't expect or appreciate being scolded, cajoled, laughed at, screamed at or threatened regardless of who you are including family or those whom I have had the honor to call my friends.
For nearly two years I have watched this election grow from something of interest into a circus of unbelievable buffoonery and lower itself into a slowly simmering then boiling pit of sewage. It seems it has been a race to the bottom almost from the very beginning.
Frankly I am sick of it. All of it! Now that its over I am ready to turn the page and hope for the best.
During this election, I have put up with an unbelievable deluge of posts from Facebook family, friends, and acquaintances. As election day approached it became an avalanche and a few of these people began spamming my inbox to the point where one person often filled my inbox with as much as 60% of all notifications I receive in a single day (hundreds)!
I have found it very difficult to deal with this as some of these posters are actual family or dear friends so I have put up with their often harsh and insensitive links and messages believing they would go away once the election was over.
Now I am finding a carry over. A particularly nasty gloating on one side and whining on the other. Did I already say I am sick of all this?
Think about what you are doing. Trump won. He will be our president, period! He only got 47% of the popular vote to Clinton's 53%. I get it. What does this mean. Look around you. Roughly half of your FAMILY and your FRIENDS are looking back at you from the other side of the fence. Some of them are scared. I must confess, I am scared.
The republicans have taken control of the entire government from top to bottom and their leaders have vowed to do some terrifying things. Our house leader, Paul Ryan has made no secret that he intends to eliminate what he calls "entitlements" such as Social Security (didn't we pay into that fund our whole working life?), Medicare, Medicaid and I suspect VA benefits as well. He says he wishes to privatize them. In other words, give a voucher to our trustworthy brothers on Wall Street and let them gamble with the lives of the elderly, poor, sick and helpless, and invest their very sustenance in DAH rivitives and other deregulated abominations as they see fit. Certainly, Trump will not provide any checks or balance to this scenario that I can see. Its open season. But we shall see.
So spontaneous protests have broken out across the country. A VERY bad sign. This has never happened before. People are scared. They spontaneously walked out into the streets to voice their concerns.
Unfortunately, its TOO LATE. Going out and blocking traffic, disrupting businesses and flipping the bird at every CNN reporter will do nothing but make things worse. Even in the most well planned protests you will get elements that will gravitate towards lawlessness and even violence.
Go home. Give our constitution the chance to show that there are good people on both sides who will not go beyond the bounds of civility and decency. If they throw your elderly, poor and minoritys into the street, THEN go out and protest. I will be there with you sitting on the courthouse steps with my 85 year old mother. Until then, stay in the bounds of the law and see how it plays out.
As to the Trump fans, STOP GLOATING! If I see another post smugly stating how they "Love to Spank Liberals" especially on my timeline, I will have to weed you out of my life even if you are family or a former friend. As a matter of fact, if your intention is to continue with this crap please spare me the pain and "unfriend me" right now.
Same goes for whiners. Time to move on and reach out to the other side and be the friends we have always been. America cannot be "Great Again" if its split in two. Plain and simple.
______ End Rant _____

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