Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Sun, Moon, and THE Star

Today was an unplanned bucket list accomplishment.
I've done this many times, but it's been several years.
Actually, more than several years.
The fall weather was absolutely gorgeous!
I knew I wanted to take a few more fall photos before all of the leaves fell to the ground.
I drove my car, parked, and started walking at the bottom of the "old road" up Mill Mountain Greenway.
Of course, I was loaded down with my camera, bag, tripod, cell phone, but oops, I forgot my water bottle. Oh well, I wasn't going too far up the back road.
The further I walked, the prettier the scenery became!

I was by myself, with plenty of bikers, and walkers along the way.
I seriously had NO intentions of continuing my upward climb.

The more I walked, the more I wanted to walk.

Oh look, there's the moon!

And before I knew it, I was at the star!

..... and I needed water. (which was provided at the welcoming station!)
 .....and I had to walk back to my car!
Today was a great day!
I walked 5 miles.

I talked to myself, and answered a lot of questions!
My mind is clear, and ready to take on the week.
It's the first day that DARK thirty is actually at 5:30pm!

The good news.... It was dark enough, early enough to capture the moon.
Photo taken on my patio!
Good night all! ♥ 

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