Saturday, November 5, 2016

"But, I've Got To Feed My Family."

"But, I've got to feed my family."
It's the first and usually the only quote that I hear, to know precisely what King-Robin Hood-Ron will be pursuing for the day.
Those that know him, know he loooves to hunt.

Specifically, DEER!
He starts contemplating as soon as summer vacation is over.
The place, the tree stand, the path.
He converses with his hunting buddies Walter, and Andrew.
The hunt begins with BOW season. (The technical term is Archery Deer Season)
His pride this year was making his own BOW(s).
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Well, so much for Bow season. He enjoyed being in the woods.
As far as "I've got to feed my family", our freezer from last year's haul is dwindling to one shelf.
The score from Early Archery season was:
Hunter ZERO, deer WON!

Today was opening day of MUZZLE LOADER SEASON in the state of Virginia.
What is a muzzleloader?
Here's an interesting read! MUZZLELOADER .
If you think your calendar is full of dates to remember, try keeping up with a deer hunter !
There are dates, and rules and counties and restrictions galore! ----> DEER .
All hunters are required to purchase the appropriate VA Hunting Licenses.
As the season temperatures begin to fall, the woods are usually laced with figures like this:

I'm pleased to announce that as of this moment, I'm living with a happy hunter.
Today's adventure was a success!
THE HUNTER'S carnivore capture!

"Honey, I've got food for my family!"
I'm guessing a few hundred pounds! It was a whopper.
As an added bonus, I was pleased to accompany THE HUNTER to the processing plant in Catawba, Va. (A first for me in this room!)
These guys know what they are doing!

......and so does THE HUNTER!

I'm thinking of ways to decorate!

Good luck to all of the hunters. For those that enjoy the hunt, but not the venison, consider donating to ..... HUNTERS FOR THE HUNGRY

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