Saturday, September 3, 2016

Are you Kittery ME!

The Nubble Light at York Beach

 in Kittery MAINE! (The oldest town in Maine)
Home of the famous Robert's Maine Grill... Route 1 in southern Maine!
Lobster sliders,
lobster pizza,
lobster taco,
lobster cobb,
lobster stew,
lobster roll,
steamed/and or baked!
Yes, there are other seafood items here, but I've waited a looooong time to indulge in my lob-stah craving.

Dinner was to die for!

...... And the Blueberry Crumble a la mode.

Driving 15-20 minutes north of Kittery, is York, ME.
What a beautiful evening to see this!

Kittery is also an outlet paradise.(we didn't know that).
One place we did visit was Kittery Trading Post. Thank goodness they have a website! Ron could have stayed all night (we ain't got time to shop)!
Kittery is at the southern end of Maine!
This was our first destination stop for our MAINE VACATION!
Sept 2, 2016 

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