Saturday, September 17, 2016

Portland Maine in 66 hours

September 4-6, 2016
Historic Portland

Portland is a city that's easy to get to know and love!
"With its beautiful natural setting, its blend of small-town warmth and urban sophistication, and it countless cultural, historic, and recreational attractions, Portland indeed captivates everyone."
If you have a plan..........
and you have the energy.........
and Google Maps.......
and a check- list of things you want to see...
You can see Portland in 66 hours....
(well, you can see a lot)
Here is SOME of what we did, and saw, and ate....
These are in no particular order, since we were flying by the seat of our pants to see as much as possible!
Portland Breakwater Light (Bug Light)

Portland Observatory (must see)

Spring Point Ledge Light

 A family owned restaurant on Commercial Street

View from Eastern Promenade Drive overlooking Casco Bay

Victoria Mansion

The Famous Holy Donut Shop!

It's a good thing lobster has lots of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids because, well.... 
I've had my fair share in Portland in 66 hours!
The famous LOBSTER SHACK is at Cape Elizabeth!(These are rocks ha!)
'Two Lights' at Cape Elizabeth (both are privately owned)

McLellan House (Part of the Portland Museum of Art)
The PORTLAND MUSEUM OF ART is also a MUST SEE. (click on highlight to view their site)
We were not allowed to take photographs, but boy, I took a lot of notes!
As an art student, it was fabulous to see Georgia O'Keeffe, Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Winslow Homer, Edward Hopper, Edward Potthast, and many others, UP-CLOSE....
We enjoyed this beautiful museum!

Check out this man's BLACK DOG SALVAGE hat! A sweet couple was driving from Texas, through Roanoke, Va, and stopped here at J's Oyster in Portland Maine! Small world!
We had no problems striking up a conversation with these Texans!

Portland Head Light

66 hours.... We could have stayed another day or two in Portland Maine!
Oh yes, you need tennis shoes! No worries about getting your Fitbit steps in here in Portland! 
Only the strong survive!
Portland is similar in design to Richmond, Va.... Just bigger!
Easy to get around! One of our favorite places was the Commercial Street area!
The locals of Maine are very friendly!
They don't drive small distances...they go "up the road apiece."
Mainers don't say "I don't know"... they say "hard tellin' not knowin'."
Mainers don't "hurry"... they "book it."
Maine doesn't have "tourists"... only "flatlanders."
Mainers don't become "senior citizens"... they become "old timers."
I guess we were the old timers!

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