Monday, September 19, 2016

'DownEast' to Rockland

The further north we traveled in Maine, the more ROCKY the terrain appeared!(I don't have a granite kitchen counter top, but, wowzer, the granite in Maine is gorgeous!)
We walked, very cautiously, in the dense fog, to the end of this walkway, known in Rockland as the ROCKLAND BREAKWATER LIGHT. Most days, you can see the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse.
The granite 'breakwater' walk is 7/8 mile long.

Rockland Breakwater Light

No! We did not see all of these lighthouses in Maine!

Maine has 68 lighthouses, 18 or which are within a 40 mile radius of Rockland. It was fun walking (no, I didn't run) on the MARSHALL POINT Lighthouse in Port Clyde. SURELY you remember Forrest Gump concluding his long run on the lighthouse runway and saying "I think I'll turn around now!" This lighthouse is in St. George, but worth the drive from Rockland!
Run, Forrest, Run

The Owl's Head Light did not disappoint...huff, puff, huff, puff. It is a U.S. Department of Homeland Security United States Coast Guard house!
Signs of fall appeared at the top of the steps!

Regrettfully we missed visiting the FARNSWORTH ART MUSEUM. (That will be on the next trip). It would have taken me dayyyyyyys to soak up the art work in this 20,000sq ft. gallery. The highlighted site is worthy of a visit! Drool away!(as in Andrew Wythe)

Our stay in Rockland was overnight at The Lindsey Hotel. CHARM CHARM CHARM. And oh that English breakfast was scrumptious!
Speaking of scrumptious........ Lobster shacks and lobster pounds are EVERYWHERE in Maine.
The manager at the hotel suggested CLAWS .
You really don't want to know how many LOB-STAH roll I had in Maine!

Yep, we could have rocked on another day in Rockland.

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