Sunday, September 18, 2016

It must be BATH time

USSZumwalt Bath built destroyer launched Sept7th

Yes! It was time for a hot Bath Maine.
Being at the PRYOR HOUSE B&B for 2 nights was just the place!

'Whopper' made himself at home. He was comfortable in our room!

Gwenda Metzler-Pryor was the perfect hostess. Not only did she provide gourmet breakfasts, she gave the guest an opportunity to meet/greet/and become friends! Like Byron-Pam Lake-life from Titus Alabama!(I see a trip to BAMA coming up. They talked funny, just like us!). And then there was the sweet couple from Boston. They were tour-book writers/editors, who knew CHRISTINA TREE, author of my 'go-to' detailed book on Maine..... highly recommend!(It's a small world, after all!)

There are A.L.W.A.Y.S  adventures in EVERY city/town, regardless of the size!
Bath was no exception! 
The Maine Maritime Museum provides a unique experience to tens of thousands of visitors from around the world each year! Please click on the highlighted site to see everything available! What an enormous collection of objects from art, engines, boat gear, navigational equipment, photographs, documents, manuscripts! Oh how I was mesmerized with all of the original paintings!(yes, we were allowed to take pics!)

Sailing at SML in a storm, seems a bit insignificant now!
YIKES! The dental tools have certainly improved !

Each buoy has an owner and belongs in a specific district

And THIS, my LOB-STAH lovers is why those creatures of the sea are so expensive!!!

The BATH IRON WORKS is located next to the museum. How fortunate we were to be near-by for the launching of the  USS ZUMWALT destroyer..... A BIG BOAT! (read the fascinating info in highlighted link). I'm tellin' ya...we were "reach-out and touch someone" close!!! Right there on FORT POPHAM BEACH  on the Phippsburg Peninsula!(thanks to the sweet local who gave us directions to go 'up-a-ways'.)
The fort to the left was a CIVIL WAR-era defense fortification!

Destroyer was headed to Baltimore from the Kennebec River here on Ft.Popham Beach

We dined at the famous BealeStreet Barbeque .
We dined at the classic (the day before they closed for the season!)PERCY'S STORE.
We stopped on the side of the road and bought fresh blueberries! (It was our lunch several days, while riding around! Seriously! Spoons, the car!) Nothing, and I mean NOTHING compares to Maine's wild blueberries!
This is as close to DOUBLING POINT LIGHT as we could get! (Maybe next time, I'll swim over).
The light house is across the Kennebec and 'up a ways' from Bath in Danger., before you reach Popham Beach.
We saw the CHOCOLATE CHURCH (not a church). It's the community arts center. We were there at night while the actors were practicing for Gilbert and Sullivan's THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE!!

Because were in Bath for a few days, we drove through Bristol, Damariscotta, and Wiscasset. (Yes, now I know how to pronounce all of thees places!)
PERMAQUID POINT LIGHT was PICTURESQUE!. Hiking down those rock was OK.....BUT I JUST HAD TO GET THAT REFLECTION IN THE ROCK POOL!... and I used my tripod as a walking stick.
Iconic photo of Permaquid

We climbed the steps, as well, on the inside of the lighthouse!

I think we need another BATH.... to see what we missed!

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