Wednesday, September 21, 2016

CAMDEN, the Jewel of the Coast

Camden Maine is picturesque! Camden calls itself the "Jewel of the Coast". It is a beautiaful seaport town with a harbor full of sail boats.
Our first  'MUST-DO' excursion was visiting Mount Battie.        
The vistas overlooking Penobscot Bay are breath-taking.
Did you know... The writing of the poem "Renascence" by Edna St Vincent Millay was composed while enjoying the view from the summit of Mount Battie.
                                               All I could see from where I stood
                                               Was three long mountains and a wood;
                                               I turned and looked the other way,
                                               And saw three islands in a bay.
                                               So with my eyes I traced the line
                                              Of the horizon, thin and fine,
                                              Straight around till I was come
                                              Back to where I'd started from;.........
I think I could sit at this place, called Mount Battie, all day, as well, and maybe compose a line or two! The remainder of the poem is listed in this link: RENASCENCE

To the left of the photos (not shown above) is the  CURTIS ISLAND LIGHTHOUSE , accessible by boat only! We caught a glimpse of it on our windjammer cruise.
The Angelique schooner shown below, is tucking in behind Curtis Island, just before lifting her dark sails.
photo credit to Dan Dishner. at Coffee on the Porch

Speaking of COFFEE.... yes, please!
If you are reading this blog on facebook, check out Dan's site! COFFEE ON THE PORCH. He is also on Instagram. What a great way to check out Camden, Maine!..... and get your coffee fix as well!

After 3 days on the schooner, I can tell you that I took one VERY LONG HOT shower.  LORD CAMDEN INN fit the bill as our last night in Camden. It is in the heart of downtown Camden. We walked to most of our destinations from the inn. The places that we stayed during our Maine vacation included HEARTY breakfasts!

Downtown Camden is filled with shops and lots of tourist attractions.
The Smiling Cow is a third generation store, with lots of unique gifts.We, however, were on a mission to SEE rather than BUY, so off to our next destination we ran.
Camden has an abundance of B&Bs like the one our friend stayed in, days before we arrived!

Did I mention that I had lob-stah while I was in Maine?

We enjoyed walking around at night, especially the Camden dockside!
Boats of all sizes, shapes, and kinds, filled Penobscot Bay~

CAMDEN, MAINE is an energizing town! 

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