Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Eastcoast Predictions and such

We've had a lot of rain.....not just a little ------> A L.O.T.
It's been raining non-stop for 5 days. 
"I'm still looking into this 'FALL IS HERE' theory."
We had a break in the weather pattern today.(oh blessed SUN)
Looks like we might be fortunate to see a little sunshine tomorrow.
But then.....Wham, bam, double wham. Hold on Sally. 
Here comes Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. 
(I've stopped trying to straighten my hair, and everything in my house is sticky..ewwww)

Joaquin is now a hurricane.

The rainfall totals since September 24: 

AND..... for the next several days:  from WDBJ7 Weather

Here are a few hurricane Joaquin predictions:
1.There's a 90% chance the name will be pronounced right, except in Portugal.
2.Even though we know it's too early to predict its path and strength, we also know we're in deep doo doo.
3. No matter what the storm does, reporters will stand out in it.
4. Surfers will go surfing.
5. Gas prices will go up.
6. Children named Joaquin will be born 9 months from now.
7. The stores will have no milk, water, bread, eggs, or peanut butter.
8. Generator sales will increase.
9. People will drive through the flooded roads.
10. People will be calling APCO and arguing that are not working fast enough to get power restored.
11. Duct tape, batteries, and plywood sales will boom.
12. The local meteorologists will get over excited and their voices will get slightly higher in pitch.

*****On a more serious note***** 
Click here --->  <---- for the basic disaster supplies kit, and be prepared! 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Houdini and the Swaddler

Swaddling is a lifesaver for most Moms/Dads these days.
Oh, I'm not talking about rocking and holding (circa 1974, 1977, and 1987). This is about THE  SWADDLER.

This 'thingie' has been around for years. How could I have missed it? '...Swaddling is an age-old practice of wrapping infants in blankets or similar cloths so that movement of the limbs is tightly restricted. Swaddling bands were often used to further restrict the infant. Swaddling fell out of favor in the 17th century...'.
Fast forward to 2015, the BabyCenter site explains 'it' in more gentile terms: '...It helps your baby feel safe and secure. It can stop your baby from being disturbed by his own startle reflex. It helps soothe a baby who is fussing. It helps to settle him down when he's over-stimulated...'

I first saw 'it' used on one of my older grandchildren, but quite frankly, never paid much attention to it. Who knew there were so many makes and models. There's the Miracle Blanket, the Halo, the Easy Swaddle, the Nuroo, the Woombie,  the Swaddle Me...............are you kidding me????? it's a B.A.B.Y. B.LA.N.K.E.T. It comes fully equipped with Velcro and a zipper.

OK. I admit. My first thoughts on the swaddler were not very nice. In fact, well....never mind. But after a week of taking care of this little Houdini, I'll tell you a secret. (shhhhhh.....) It works! HONEST! Just One Problem:  Little Houdini keeps busting out. His tiny arms and hands work their way up and out. It's like a magic act. First class! He wakes himself up, touching his face. Talk about #grandparentfail! His naps are not that long, so it's important to know how things work! After numerous tries, and watching a u-tube video (yes, a video on how to do this), I'm good to go! Just wrap that sucker swaddler like a tight burrito, Chipotle style! Houdini's eyes close, and he wanders off to lala land.....and so do I!
 All is well in Swaddleville....

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Good Morning Fall! Happy September Equinox 2015 :)

The earliest humans spent more time outside than we do. They used the sky as both a clock and a calendar. They could easily see that the sun's path across the sky, the length of the daylight, and the location of the sunrise and sunset all shift in a regular way throughout the year.

We have an equinox twice a year--spring and fall--. Night and day are approximately equal in length.
The name equinox comes from the Latin aequus (equal) and nox (night). Equinox also means that the sun is directly over the equator!

After today, the days get shorter and the nights get longer.
The shorter days are bringing cooler weather. All around us, trees and plants are ending this year's cycle of growth.

Fall is one of my 4 favorite seasons!

Monday, September 21, 2015


Day 1. 
The King and Queen have successfully kept an 11 week old baby boy alive for 9 hours. 
It took both of us.  
We took 2 naps, totally missed lunch, and seriously can't remember if this is Monday or Tuesday. Don't ask how many times we left our coffee cups in the microwave to re-heat!
We are currently looking everywhere for chips, candy, pretzels, popcorn.... Anything. 
Forget dinner.
Is it too early to buy Halloween candy?

Wyatt was delivered bright and early this morning by his Daddy.

He came with 2 pages of instructions:

Batteries were not included, but it was highly recommended that we get OUR batteries recharged.
Simple right? Easy Peasy! After all, we are parents to 3 adult children. There's been no time to make dinner, wash clothes, clean, watch tv, take strolls on the Greenway, play or FB, or work in the garden. We are loading up on our vitamins and going to bed as soon as it gets dark!

We did, however, spend an entire day cooing, rocking, feeding, singing, and loving on our newest grandchild.

Counting it all joy

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sept 20, 2015 Wyatt Practice Makes Perfect

Trial run : 

1. Place Wyatt in infant seat.
2. Place Wyatt in infant seat, into stroller.
3. Stroll to car.
4. Open up car door, and get Wyatt out of stroller.
5. Place Wyatt into car seat.
6. Fold stroller and place into back of jeep.
7. Take a deep breath, because I forgot already where I was going!
8. Drive the back roads to Richfield Rehab Center to visit with my Mom. 
9. Drive very slowly, and carefully. Watch for bikers, walkers, and cars, and stop signs.
10. Park car, get out, unload stroller, and figure out how it unfolds.
*MAKE SURE YOU HAVE KEYS (Now would be a good time to begin wearing a neck halyard around my neck)*
11. Remove Wyatt from car seat, and place in stroller.
12. Lock car. 
13. Stroll inside Rehab. Thank goodness for handicapped doors that open automatically.
14. Visit (Mom sure does look great ♥).
15. Return home. (remember all of the steps from above, and repeat several times)
16. I'm ready for my nap.
17. Lauren: what did I forget? 

4 generations ♥

Saturday, September 19, 2015

T-minus til Monday morning

 At 7:30AM
Did I say 7:30AM?
Until 4:30PM?
Where did I put that alarm clock?

Dear Wyatt Andrew Hartman, 
Are you 11 weeks old already? We are so excited to begin our  daily adventure with you.  Papa and I are beaming that your Mom and Dad are trusting us with your care for a few months. We have the unconditional love for you.  We also have 2 rocking chairs, and a crib, and diapers, and formula, and stroller, and clothes, and books, and carseat, and pack n play, and  Rock N Play, and Boppy, and toys, and bibs, and changing pad.  See you early Monday morning. 
Love Papa and KK

Papa is already searching for your bike!
KK is having a hard time putting you in your crib ;)

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Did you know?

DID YOU KNOW THAT...........
All fifty states are listed across the top of the Lincoln Memorial?

The fifty states are ALSO listed on the back of
the $5.00 bill!

Check it out!