Tuesday, November 28, 2017

November 28, 2017 An Evening with the stars, and the ISS.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017
Tonight we enjoyed getting outside, walking downtown, and taking a few nighttime photographs.

The sky was clear, and the moon was shining over the Wells Fargo bank, in downtown Roanoke, Va.

What a view of the new AMTRAK STATION and the train tracks.

The ISS (International Space Station) flew over where we were standing at 6:24pm.
We knew the arrival time, based on a link sent to my email.
SPOT THE STATION. It's always exciting to see this, but the sky has to be dark
.......... and clear!

It was a fun Monday evening!.... we are easily entertained!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

November 23, 2017 Thanksgiving Number Two

Happy Thanksgiving-------- AGAIN!
Beyond Blessed and Thankful.
Thanksgiving should be everyday.
We have so much to be thankful for.
One day a year hardly seems adequate.
Planning a get-to-gather seems more and more complicated each year, but somehow we manage to set aside time!
and thank you adult children for making this a priority!
I seriously need to photoshop 2 more people into this photo.... Ethan and Carson.
Hooray for the selfie-stick

For obvious reasons, this crew does not stand still very long.
Pre-lunch exercise/warm-up is a must.
Check out the HAND MADE BOWS made by Robin Hood  Ron.
Future hunters of the world unite!

Athletes as well as hunters!

The women folk just kinda stand around and talk!

Aren't we cute!

So much for the warmup/exercise..... Onward to the table!
(Not quite the traditional Thanksgiving feast, but not much was left behind!)

Laughter, hugs, peace, love, joy....... a few words to describe this family when we are together.

Did I say that we all conversed at the same time at the table?
We also celebrated 3 birthdays for 3 people who have December birthdays!
Andrew 33, Stephanie 40, and Walter 43.

The cousins had a fabulous time together....... We REALLY needed Carson and Ethan here to help with the supervision.(SMH). These 3 have discovered playing in closets, and hid in just about all of them.

Thanks again to our 3, for making this time HAPPEN !
Lauren, Walter, Sarah


Sunday, November 19, 2017

November 17-19, 2017 A Pennsylvania Thanksgiving 2017

St.John Lutheran Church York PA

How does one begin to express gratefulness and love for a family, residing in Pennsylvania, for including us in their Thanksgiving weekend extravaganza→ extraordinaire. (Nov 17,18,19)
This special family belongs to our youngest daughter's husband's Mom and Dad, Nancy and Keith.
Andrew, Wyatt, and daughter Lauren

Not only were we invited, but all of their siblings, moms, cousins, nieces, nephews were included, bringing the count for the Saturday feast to 34 +-ish.
St. John's Lutheran Church was the perfect place to host the Thanksgiving festivities.
Meet our hostess and host (one can never get enough hugs from grandson).
Nancy and Keith

 How blessed to have both of their Moms included in the festivities.
Ann and Gloria

Keith and Nancy also have a daughter, who married last April, thus the 1 yr anniversary cake!
Katherine and Jason

Here are Jason and Wyatt, waiting to start the festivities.

Jason's parents drove from Chicago to celebrate the Thanksgiving celebration. I recall them saying it took 12 hours to drive to York!
Mike, Mo, and Jason

There were several 3 and 4 generations represented. Here is one:
Nancy, daughter Katherine, and Gloria(Nancy's Mom)

Donald(Nancy's brother) and their Mom, Gloria

Donald's wife is Kim. They have 2 children, Brett and Laura.
Laura and Dwight with their 2 girls

Keith with Nancy's sister, Carol

Carol has 2 daughters, Emma and Meredith
Emma and husband Johnathan, have 2 daughters, Delilah and Caroline

Carol's other daughter ,Meredith,  has a son, Edmond. (Nancy to the right) 

Phew, how am I doing so far???
I'm catching my breath, and writing as fast as I can while I can remember!!!
Keith, our son-in-law's dad, has 2 sisters and 1 brother.
Carol (left) and Keith's Mom, Ann (right)

 l to r: Daughter Lauren, SIL Andrew, and Carol's husband, Mike

Mike and Carol have 2 daughters

Keith's sister, Gail

Did I say that there was food at this event?
OH MY!!!

Don't forget the desserts!

Keith's Mom playing the piano ♥

Ron and Keith

Kids??? just a few!!!

What a fabulous keepsake....... the tablecloth of THANKFULNESS, used for at least 3 years!

At the end of 2 consecutive days of festivities, everyone felt like this!

Oh give thanks........

We are grateful, thankful and blessed.

November 19, 2017 Pennsylvania Thanksgiving, Part 2

November 19, 2017
On our return trip to Roanoke, from York, Pa, we stopped in Biglerville, Pa. (Famous of course, for the Historic Round Barn). If you are near the area, this is a MUST STOP AND SEE!.
Enjoy the pics.