Sunday, August 30, 2020

August 29-30, 2020 The Haymarket Gang

Boy did we get a welcome!💓💓💓
Hello our precious Grands!...... and of course Daughter #1 and SIL!
It seemed like 'forever' since we had hugged and talked and laughed with this gang.
After a quick Friday night dinner, the seriousness of the evening began!
The stakes were high, we let our hair down, the prized vanilla cream Oreos became the prize for the win in the game 'SEQUENCE'

ahhhhhhhhhh......... those coveted vanilla cream-filled oreos 😁
The fierce ping pong championship game ended the evening.
Saturday's schedule included running a few errands.

.... a few crafts, a cook out, and snapchat sessions, hair braiding....... oh goodness......

 The picnic in gazebo was so relaxing!
It was a braids, bikes, bracelet, burgers, babes, xbox and getting ready for BACK TO SCHOOL weekend! 

What happened to my babies?????????????
Back to school surely looks different this year.😕😕😕
Panic attack anyone????
And this is for a 2nd and 5th grader 🙃🙃🙃. 
Who knew this would be happening? 
So long until next time.
Wishing you well for the new school year, 
the busy work week, 
and making life the best that it can be! 💓

Thursday, August 27, 2020

August 24-27, 2020 The Riot Kid Week#3

WEEK #3...........It's a wrap!
Who knew? .............. that we were actually capable of keeping up with this tornado!
Our stamina slowed toward the finish line, and there might have been a weeeeeeee bit more TV available for the Riot Kid!
We are going to miss his perkiness, his intuitiveness, his energy, his appetite, his kisses and hugs!
As viewed in week #1 Aug 11-14 and in week #2 Aug 17-21 a variety of toys was not required.😁😁😁.
The week began with a visit from our son. These 2 hit it off like a live stage performance!  I'm not sure who laughed the most......... the oldest, the youngest........ or us!

We tried to include a little yard work........
A lot of play time.........
Some solitude creative time (Ever hear of chalk dust? His creation of blueberries made of acorns turned out quite interesting!)

A few trips to 'the pond'..............

And some garden time!

Our daily duty had come to an end on Thursday afternoon.
We were sad to see him go.😢😢😢
Grandparents and grandkids go together like peanut butter and jelly.
When your children have children, you're no longer "just" a parent.
"Becoming a grandparent turns the page. Line by line you are rewritten. You are tilted off your old center, spun onto new turf. There is a faint scent of deja vu from when you raise your own children, but this place feels freer. Here you rediscover fun and laughing, and reach a depth of pure loving you have never felt before." 

Friday, August 21, 2020

August 17-21, 2020 The Riot Kid Week#2

WEEK #2.........phew we made it!💪🙌🎈✨
Blessed are those who spoil and snuggle,
Hug and hope,
Praise and pamper,
Laugh and listen.
For they shall be called.......................
Sounds easy, doesn't it! 😂😂😂
Oh how I wish I had the stamina of a 5 year old!
Once again, this kid kept us not only on our toes, but provided us with free entertainment.
How could we not smile at his enthusiasm?
His creativity?
His inquisitive mind?
His hopeful attitude?
His positive outlook on life?
Activities this week have included rock climbing, village construction, and ship building.
The woodworking, boat building, and launching process was a major success.

He was one proud fellow.
 His hard work paid great dividends.
 The launch was a success!
Last week the Riot Kid completed a farm house..... using the instructions provided by the box, as shown in this recap of last week: WEEK #1 .This week, his creativity took over, and he did his own thing!
Man, he was intense! He knew exactly what he wanted, and how he would get there!
It takes a kid to build a village. Imagination is everything.

"Seeing the world through the eyes of a child, is the purest joy that anyone can experience."
Rocking climbing has been on this child's bucket list for awhile. This week he made it happen.
He was instructed with a few must-dos: #alwayscheckknots #usealongrope #payattention #ckechyourgearbeforeclimbing

Here is an action video! He is a SUPER ROCK STAR! 👇👇👇
The week would not have been complete without a little gardening, sunflower viewing, archery practice, swimming in our favorite place, and maybe one or two QUIET TIME moments.😁😁😁

WEEK #2 has come to an end, and already he has big plans for next week 😊😍😘😙😅