Friday, March 17, 2017

March 17, 2017 A Tribute to my Mother-in-law........

One year ago today, my precious mother-in-law left this earth.
~~~Dorothy Lucille Stanley Sharpley March 17, 2016~~~.
She was 94.
Dot was my "other mother" from the time I got married until the day she died.
How blessed I was to have 2 Moms!
June 6, 1970

Oh, if only I could pack into my life what she managed to do.
Always smiling,
Always doing for others.
Her love and zeal for life was like no one else that I know!
She made the most out of every minute.

Dot and I had a wonderful relationship.
Mother-in-law problems? NEVER!
Honestly, I never understood any of those classic "mother-in-law" stories.
Our children were blessed to know and love their 'GRANNY DOT' (probably as much as they loved us!)

Her 5 great grandchildren were privileged to know and love her as well.

My Mom and Dot were close 'friends' from they time they met!(How unique is that?)

Dot was not your average woman.
She made friends with everyone she met! (I'm not sure inviting the delivery guy inside her home,to taste her home-made soup was a great idea, but non the less, she didn't ask me for permission!)
She was a 'go-getter'.
Dot was a woman who (despite living in a culture and time where women often fade into the background), taught her son to respect women and treat them as equals.
Dot's family was the most important thing to her. She never missed an opportunity to celebrate birthday dinners, holidays, anniversaries, and any other day that she could create, to encourage family to be together.

In her younger, healthier years, Dot had a social life so active it would put college students to shame!
She was the original energizer bunny.
Oh, what I wouldn't give to hug her..... one more time.
Thank you Dot, for everything that you did for me.

Your son Ron, your grandchildren and their mates, your great-grandchildren, and I, pay tribute to you today. You left the world better than you found it.
You were not afraid of life and in the end you were not afraid of leaving your earthly life.
I will be forever grateful to my Heavenly Father for the gift of Dot Sharpley----
my kind,
and very wise mother-in-law.

♥ Cherish your family.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Walking on the Greenway

The ROANOKE VALLEY GREENWAY is one of our favorite places to walk.
Because it is near our house (less than 2 miles away), we frequent the greenway often!
You can walk, run, bike, or stroll.
Usually we run into a few friends along the way.
Today we walked  strolled for 5.25 miles (12,109 fitbit steps).
Looks like spring is here... at least for today!

Today I carried my 'big girl camera'....... with NO tripod!
I'm still very much tripod dependent, so this was great practice!
Many shots were taken with me flat out on the ground, holding my camera!

I wonder if this has anything to do with spring allergies????? hahaha

Today was a beautiful day in early March.
Everyday is a good day, when we are outside.
Happy Walking!