Monday, November 23, 2020

November 23, 2020 Roanoke Mountain Hike


 It's THANKSGIVING WEEK! Happy Thanksgiving to all of my friends. What a year this has been. In spite of the unexpected, the bad, the ugly, and the fearful, I'm grateful for my health, my family, food, clothing, shelter and (for the most part) a positive attitude. In fact, maybe the only thing that I really need is more gratitude. Our usual Thanksgiving celebration with family isn't happening this year....................😢😢😢. After having a pity party of one, I decided that I needed to be THANKFUL......... no matter what! Ron and I made plans to enjoy each other's company, get a head start on the next holiday coming up, take life easy, and enjoy the moment! We cooked our turkey breast early, and hope to have enough left over for turkey sandwiches on Thursday. 

The weather was perfect for our 4 mile round-trip hike. The roads were clear, the views were breathtaking! There were several overlooks along the way.

The summit, was the perfect spot to have a snack before heading back down the mountain!

Roanoke Mountain has been closed to vehicles for several years. (There was a mudslide on the down side of the hike which made it impossible for cars to drive.) We parked our car at the Gum Spring Overlook, which is at the end of the Mill Mountain spur, before crossing over to the BRP. Roanoke Mountain has been a treasured spot for the Blue Ridge Marathons as well as photographing that gorgeous sunset! Roanoke Mountain Loop Road is best explained in this highlighted link! The day's temps were in 50's but the wind made it appear a bit chillier. 
Roanoke Mountain is a treasure. It is worth the trip! A 2015 blog written in October with all of the beautiful fall color is included here: Oct 26, 2015 Roanoke Mountain  HAPPY THANKSGIVING, YALL!
Enjoy the short video of of the view!



Tuesday, November 17, 2020

November 17, 2020 Leaves Be Gone

 "Be nice or leaf!" 

Fall .....the season began so innocently. A few burnt sienna tips on the leaves, then splashes of crimson and orange began to appear. Against the vivid Carolina blue sky, we cheered on the beginning of cooler temperatures. 

Century Park, Roanoke City Market 

First, the nut-hoarding squirrels appeared out of nowhere to start storing their winter food. We provided a stellar crop.😁, The acorns fell, sometimes sounding like a bb-gun. Our yard became a hard-hat area. We cautiously walked down our driveway to avoid 'FALL-ING'.   

"I think I'm falling for you. Orange you happy it's fall? You don't like the outdoors? Unbe-leaf-able."

Then, the annual leaf drop began mid-October. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY, we did our best to keep the driveway reasonably clear. By November 1st, our asphalt driveway was covered  DAILY.  BTW....... These 'beautiful fall leaves' 👇 are slicker than ice, when it rains! 

Fast forward 2 weeks.............. a few leaves remain on the trees, but not many. 
"Don't leaf me hanging. Never leaf me. Make like a tree and leaf." 
Bending, stretching, twisting, turning........ we have raked, blown, and hauled leaves to the street and driveway.  It has been great exercise, an excellent way to get outside in the fresh air, and a good way to reduce stress while working in #FITBIT steps!  
I'm grateful for my health. 
I'm grateful for my better half, King Ron, who helped with this endeavor. 
I'm grateful that I was able to take on this project. 
I'm ESPECIALLY grateful for Advil, and a nice foaming bathtub soak.😂😂😂

Sunday, November 8, 2020

November 8, 2020 Memorial Service for Carl Perdue

Never regret a day in your life. Good days bring happiness, bad days give experience, worst days give lessons, and the best days keep memories. Today we took a walk down memory lane, and paid our respects to a dear friend. 

Carl Perdue was not only an avid sailor, he was a master carpenter, and a long time friend.  The day began by having his sailboat brought to the t-dock at Virginia Inland Sailing Association. 

Carl's brother Mike (the one waving from the cabin) prepared a lovely ceremony and fitting tribute.
The family and a few close friends gathered on the deck while Mike gave Carl's eulogy, and presented a slide show honoring Carl.

Carl and his boat could be spotted on the lake, probably more than any other sail boat at SML.
Anyday, any temperature, any amount of wind, was a good day to be sailing.
Following the tribute, the family walked to a dock, where a plaque had been installed. 

We were honored to be among Carl' family and friends. 
Before the ceremony, Ron and I reminisced about the wonderful years that we spent here...... with our kids, boats, and camper.
VISA was our home away from home.
In fact........... this is where it all began!