Friday, August 31, 2018

August 31, 2018 Climbing Katahdin for Eddie

These are my people! 💓
My tribe!💓
My family!💓
Thanks be to God for their safety on Thursday. Climbing Katahdin was accomplished yesterday to honor Stovetop's (my cousin Ed Hamilton) desire to complete the AT. Oh how he loved hiking!
ChopChop (Abby) and Mint Craig Jr, my heart is soaring this morning.
Now, go eat some lobstah!

Baxter State Park's Hunt Trail, a 5.2 climb to the top of Katahdin.
Katahdin Stream Falls, about 1.2 miles in.
First view from the treeline.
Gulp, they weren't kidding when they said rock scrambles. Let's do this!
Hmmmm, so how exactly do I get up to where the white blaze is from here?
A short break to look back at the fog on the mountain
We finally made it after 5 hours and 40 minutes!
Mandarin orange cup toast at the top of the mountain to celebrate Grateful's completion of the AT. What an adventure it's been.
Clouds cleared up just in time to reveal breathtaking views from the top of the mountain.
Making our way toward the Hunt Spur on our descent.

Abby writes:

Eddie had been planning to finish up the AT with his hiking buddy, Grateful, at the end of August 2018. I assured him during our last few conversations at the hospital in June that he (Stovetop) would get to climb Katahdin, and reach the northern terminus of the AT. We had already discussed me joining up to summit with him and Lee since finishing their last section hike. I followed through on those plans this week to fulfill a promise I made before his death.
Yesterday (8/30/18), at 12:55pm, Grateful and Chop-chop (that's me) reached the end of the AT by climbing the highest peak in Maine. I had Eddie's hiking gear with me, and I could hear him walking me through each rock scramble, and encouraging me every step of the way. This one's for you Stovetop!

Friday, August 24, 2018

Aug 24, 2018 Beaver Dam Sunflowers

August 24, 2018
The sunflowers at Beaver Dam Farm never disappoint.
Thanks to Candace Monaghan and her hard working farm, for producing thousands of sunflowers for the public to view.

Here is a favorite that Ron captured! 

We were given photographers privileges and were graciously allowed on the premise at night!
Check these beauties out!(some taken by me, some taken by Ron)

Thursday, August 23, 2018

August 23, 2018 Sharp Top

Sharp Top, August 23, 2018
Elevation 3,862'
Sharp Top is one of the multiple trails in the Peaks of Otter Recreation Area.
(Milepost 86 of the Blue Ridge Parkway.)
Can I say, it was quite the workout, for such a short hike!
This 3.4 mile hike leads to gorgeous views from the summit. 
For those that don't feel the need to hike all the way to the summit you can take a bus ride that brings you closer to the summit. 
This is an extremely popular hike for families and larger groups, so don't expect to have the place to yourself!

We picked the perfect day for the perfect hike!