Sunday, January 20, 2019

January 20, 2019 SUPER BLOOD WOLF MOON

it was freeeeeeeezing last night
and WINDY,
and difficult to keep my camera focused.
To be clear...
I had on a coat, hat, neck warmer, gloves, hand warmers,
wool socks, cuddle duds, fleece lined shoes,
and was maybe 5' from my front door.😁😁😁
This was the last total lunar eclipse to grace Earth's sky until May 26, 2021.
And yes, the moon turned coppery red!
The first full moon of the year is called the "Wolf Moon" and is named after howling wolves.
The eclipse started at 9:30pm.
The total eclipse began at 10:41 and peaked at 11:12;
The total eclipse ended at 11:43 with the partial eclipse ending at 12:50pm.
The event was a FIRST for me to witness, and well worth the thawing out!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Jan. 10, 2019 The Hunt is Real #2... Clifton Forge, Va

January 10, 2019
In early January, I wrote about the excursion we took, to Buffalo Creek, Rockbridge Co, Va.
We were in search of the Hamilton School House.
Read about it here, in case you missed it!→→→ Hamilton School House. Many photos are included, as well as some very old family photos. Mission accomplished.✅
The next step in finding out the whereabouts concerning Wilcher Cardwell Hamilton (my great-grandfather), seemed to be obvious to me........ CHECK OUT THE CEMETERIES 😊😊😊
Intuitions and newly found old papers and photos(yes, I'm finally going through 50+years of photos and saved papers 😍) were leading us to the Town of Clifton Forge, Va. We've been through many times, but never stopped longed enough to flavor this hidden gem.
First stop:

What was I thinking? A needle-in-a-haystack! What I envisioned to be a very small old cemetery, turned out to be a very LARGE old cemetery.
Welcome to Crown Hill Cemetery

It didn't take long, because of the wind and cold temperature, to decide to visit
2nd stop:

Here we were instructed to go to the Public Works Office, our 3rd stop.

What a wealth of information we acquired.... oh my.... these 2 people knew everyone and everything about the town of Clifton Forge. In fact, ONE of the two people MAY BE A LONG LOST RELATIVE πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜….
We were shown and given copies of the cemetery plots for the 'Hamiltons' that were buried in Oak Hill Cemetery. Before we left the PWO, I showed them a photo of the house of long ago, with my great grandfather Wilcher, standing in front. The photo was taken in 1908! "If it is still here", they said, "you might find it way up on McCormick Blvd."

Our 4th stop.......Well, guess what........ One of the flash back statements that I recall my Uncle Craig Hamilton (my Dad, Carl's twin brother) telling me, was that THIS house was on the corner of McCormick and Tremont.

Would you look at this!!!!!

I'm going to say BINGO!
The slope of the land, the roof structure, the window placements, the attic vents in the front and side, the front door Transom.......... all confirmed that this had to be the birthplace of my Aunt Lela in 1908!
Our 5th stop.... At the top of McCormick is the beautiful B&B. Click here to see beautiful guests bedrooms inside this lovely mansion! →→ HILL CREST B&B

Our 6th stop......the newly renovated Historic Masonic Theatre.
What a jewel! The highlighted link gives more historic details, but here are a few pics that we captured with iphone.

Our 7th stop... On the same street as the theatre, my facebook photographer friend, Chuck Almarez, owns a business.
Here is the website for Fire and Light Gallery...... AMAZING! FIRE AND LIGHT GALLERY.
Thanks Chuck for your warm welcome, and showing us your beautiful gallery!(A side note, and hilarious.... we had never met before our visit to his gallery. After an introduction, he looked at Ron, and said...... "Oh, you must be KING RON!"😁😁😁
8th stop ... Back to the cemetery.
With maps, plot numbers in hand, we made our way quickly to the Hamilton area.

Finding no marker for Wilcher was a bit disappointing, but found his two wives: Sarah M.(Sallie) Hamilton, and Bessie Madeline Hamilton; we also located Wilcher's mom, Lucy Grimes Hamilton!
We were informed that Wilcher COULD HAVE BEEN BURIED THERE..... WITH NO MARKER.
This completes our first trip to Clifton Forge.
Our next destination will probably be Virginia Rockbridge Vital Records

and the Roanoke City Library!

These papers were researched by my Uncle Craig Hamilton, whose love for genealogy was as great as Ron's Mom, Dot Sharpley. He was gracious to give them to me long before he became ill, and unable to drive. You see, he would spend hours telling me about THE family. I wrote as much down as I possibly could, without getting confused. At the time, my interest was not what it is today.
So here is to finding our my roots!
I'll give you a hint, and let you in on a little secret to my roots!!!

Here are the Hamilton Plaid ties, worn by the Hamilton Twins:
my Dad, Carl Cannaday Hamilton, and my Uncle, Walter Craig Hamilton.
More on this in the next blog.
Stay tuned.
Clifton Forge Virginia can be described in 3 words: FUN, FRIENDLY, BUSY!

Monday, January 7, 2019

Jan.7, 2019 The Hunt is Real #1... Hamilton's Schoolhouse

January awaits.
What will I learn?
How will I go about finding my information?
What will be fact?
What will be fiction?
What is the link?
This much I know is true:
Here is a photo of my grandparents.πŸ‘‡

Walter Henry Hamilton, and Laura Effle Trenor Hamilton

The photo was taken at Griffith's Studios in Clifton Forge, Va.
Side track here........ The S. S. Griffith, a commercial photographer had an upstairs studio, located at 515 Ridgeway Street. Check out #5 here → Main Street Walking Tour .
I suspect my grandparents lived in or near Clifton Forge (or somewhere in Rockbridge County, maybe Lexington) for a segment of their lives, before settling in Roanoke, Va.
Pictured below is another portrait (taken about 1909).
This one includes my great-grandfather, my grandmother, my aunt Lela Cardwell, and my grandfather πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

From left to right: Wilcher Cardwell Hamilton, Laura Effie Trenor Hamilton, Lela Cardwell Hamilton (first of 4 children) andWalter Henry Hamilton
The photographer, S.S. Griffith, also took this photograph below, showing the birthplace of Lela. I suspect the man in the photograph was Lela's grandfather, Wilcher.

Somewhere in the hunt, we will be searching for the link between WILCHER and J. LUCIAN HAMILTON and ROBERT HAMILTON. (J. LUCIAN HAMILTON was County Superintendent of Schools in Rockbridge County ~1882-1886~)
*******The Hamilton Schoolhouse is a historic one-room school building located near Lexington, Rockbridge County, Virginia. It was built in 1823, and is a one-story one room log building measuring 22 feet by 24 feet. It was in use as a school until 1928, after which it was used as a community center. It is also a U.S. National Register of Historic Places, as well as a Virginia Landmark.HAMILTON SCHOOLHOUSE.
Much has been written about this schoolhouse, located on S. Buffalo Road (southwest of Lexington).
I'm fortunate to have a 43-page copy of THE SAGA OF HAMILTON'S SCHOOL HOUSE, written by George West Diehl.

On page 3 of the Historic Lexington Foundation Newsletter (Summer 2017) are 2 photos, one including the interior of the Hamilton Schoolhouse!
The schoolhouse is getting a stone foundation!

Oh by the way........ guess what we did Saturday, January, 5th, 2019?
Yep! We drove to S. Buffalo Road. (Kerr's Creek)

 Surely, surely, we can find the link between  J. Lucian Hamilton and Wilcher Cardwell Hamilton.
Several years ago, my cousin, Ed Hamilton, took his sweetheart bride, Abby Verdillo Hamilton, to this very spot!. The renovations had not begun. Here are a few pics from that trip! He was so excited to show Abby the Hamilton's schoolhouse!

My determination in this 'Hunt' is to honor those who have gone before me. 
Here is a photo of my Dad in 1976 at the Hamilton Schoolhouse
And my Uncle Craig:
Below πŸ‘‡is my sister, Judy, and her 3 children, Carter, Taylor, Kelsey. (2007)