Monday, October 26, 2015

Roanoke Mountain

Warm colors, blue skies, gentle breeze........seems like the Fall season is rushing by faster than my heart's desire. SERIOUSLY! 
Fall is my favorite season. When the leaves start falling, I could  sit outside all day. In fact, I could probably lay in the leaves and be content!  
Roanoke Mountain is in her glory right this very moment! 
This past weekend, we drove the 4 mile one-way loop. Many people, however, use this place to walk, run, and bike (uphill)! The views are magnificent, the winding road is curvy, and the sunset...OH MY....the sunset. At the summit, there is a trail leading deep into the woods (uphill again). 
Roanoke Mountain is a treasure. 
Go visit soon! It's worth the trip.