Friday, February 9, 2018

February 9, 2018 Vintage Camera, Slides, and Scans

Shown above is the Kodak Compur camera that photographed our 25 boxes of slides.... back in the day, now considered VINTAGE! (Yes, 25 boxes!)
Ron's Dad, Winston, was a "clicker". He loved photography.
He was an excellent photographer.
Winston knew all of the qualities of taking a good photograph, and he took a LOT of them.
Let's just say that he took more photos than anyone I know 😁.
Fast forward from the 1950's to today, 2018.
All of his photos were turned into slides.
Trying to decide how to tackle these boxes(filled with slides), without going broke, to preserve SOME of these memories have prompted a bit of research and asking many questions.
Yep, 25 BOXES

Inside each BOX houses a carousel → filled with slides, and slides and slides.
Each of these carousels houses 100 slides

For those who are TOTALLY UNFAMILIAR with this vintage apparatus, this is what happened on the weekends:

The happy 1960s family gathered around the slide projector to view hundreds of photos that were on the carousels! Sometimes neighbors and families would be invited to the showing!
Back in the day, these were excellent slides.

Truthfully, the quality of the photograph taken is remarkable.
I purchased a very inexpensive USED (50.00) Wolverine F2D Mighty film to Digital Converter.
Here is my first attempt at scanning and editing a multitude of memories, using the converter.
Mountain Lake

On a side note, MOUNTAIN LAKE no longer has this amount of water, as seen in this photo ↓↓↓ taken in 2002. For those of you unfamiliar with the lake, this is where the 1987 movie DIRTY DANCING was filmed. ( GREAT MUSIC)

Scanning the slide is simple.
The outcome was not what I wanted, so either:
A) rescan to see if  a different result occurs, or
B) try another method.
Here is another photo of my DIY method of preserving the slide.
This DIY required spending zero money, but required thinking outside the box, and ingenuity.

I'm not sure which method I will end up using, but I'm leaning toward the second one, as it appears sharper, and the colors before editing appear more pleasing.
Both methods use a camera card.
Both require editing.
Both can be uploaded to computer, then transferred to external hard drive, or CD.
Ron has now skimmed through 5 boxes of slides.
It will be fascinating to see many slides will be saved, scanned, and preserved.
Cheers to saving memories!
PS... Here are two links. Both are written by my friend, Mark Morrow, a contributing author with PHOTOFOCUS.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

February 4, 2018 Happy Birthday to Sarah

How can she be 41?
Sarah's birthday is officially February 5th, but we celebrated this weekend!
NOTHING .... not even Super Bowl compares with Super Sarah
It is surreal that 41 years have flashed before our eyes.

Haha... fun with fur!
She loves wearing Granny Dot's hat, almost as much as she does modeling my hat.
Nothing like a "Kate Middleton" with blonde hair!
Headlines: "Blonde Kate wears Walmart Thermals." 😎😎😎

Sarah's birthday weekend started out doing Mommie duties.
Outfitting baby girl in ballet and tap shoes, outfits and bags, flooded all of us with the 12-13 years of Sarah's dance experiences. (I'm not real sure who was more excited about these purchases,  Mommie or daughter 😉😉😉 )

Katelyn (not Middleton 😀) was quick to pose, show her expertise, and entertain us.
This girl is going places! Trust me!

Happy Birthday to you ♫♪♩
Happy Birthday to you, ♩♫♪
Happy Birthday dear Sarah....
 oh wait... not yet →↓
Before celebration can begin... ALL members have to be present!
Dash to the school bus, pick up Landon, check school papers, talk about his day, snack time, hug time, play time. 
Papa made special arrows for Landon.

LTC building a house!
We are always amazed at what he has learned in second grade. 
We are more amazed at the time and attention that Sarah and Brian give to these 2 precious children.
Every Friday, Landon is allowed to purchase these spirit sticks. (It's the latest craze.)
Quite the collection!The sticks are available at PTO(Parent-Teacher Association/Organization) events and on Popcorn Fridays! HIS SCHOOL IS AWESOME!
A mini celebration before diner included opening a few presents!
check out the fancy lettering by LAUREN 

Thanks Walter and Stephanie!

The Famous CARD!!!!!!!!!

One of Sarah's favorite dining places is the Japanese Kabuki style restaurants.
This was quite the first-time experience for the grands.
We laughed.
Our server was the best!

Sarah, we love you!
Keep enjoying life to the fullest.

Age is just a number, and you are kicking it!
You've got style and personality, girl!
You are our sunshine!♫♪♬♩