Thursday, October 27, 2016

October 27, 2016 Voting........Today I Made a Decision.

Today I made a decision.
I've read articles.
I've observed behaviors and emotions.
I've watched commentaries.
I've seen my acquaintances argue.
I've researched information.
I've talked to my friends.
I've analyzed and reviewed my options.

Today I made a decision.
In fact, I'd say I made an informed decision.
"Making an informed decision requires that you work with both facts (actual data) and emotional information, and that you take steps to mitigate the effect of ingrained bias. Doing so requires that you commit to mastering all your senses and intelligence so that, in chaotic decision-making environments, you'll be able to balance data with open-minded experimentation and stay sensitive to cues that other decision-makers will miss."
"It's really easy to fall prey to doubt or to rationalize your decision. If you're feeling fearful, you may think you have only one option or no options. In climates of high fear, when the rational dominates, making an informed decision requires that you achieve a calmer state of mind so that you can access your higher mental functioning."  (credit )

Yes, today I made a decision...... and successfully put that decision into action.
Voting is a precious right and a serious responsibility. I realize it is also a very personal and private one. We do it by secret ballot in America for a reason.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

October 2, 2016 Maine, That's A Lot Of Light (houses)

A close-up of Bass Harbor Head Light
Our first trip to Maine....but probably not our last, was in September, 2016. Showcased in this article  from are 6 lighthouses, with some interesting facts. "Shipwrecks, poetry and alien encounters: The lighthouses dotting Maine's coast pack a double punch of beauty and history." Lighthouses are rich in history. This book packs a punch with information on LIGHTHOUSES IN MAINE.

Pictured below are the 15 that we saw......(this trip).
They are in no particular order.
We enjoyed learning about, and photographing these beautifully distinctive lighthouses.
That's a lot of light!
We'll catch the other 45+ on our next trip to Maine!

Permaquid Point, Bristol
Marshall Point Light, Port Clyde 

Cape Neddick Light, York

Bass Harbor Head Light, Mount Desert Island

Portland Head Light, Fort Williams, Cape Elizabeth 

A close-up of one of the Two Lights, near Cape Elizabeth

Portland Breakwater Light (Bug Light), South Portland

Rockland Breakwater Light, Rockland

Spring Point Ledge Light, South Portland

Doubling Point Light, Bath

Owls Head Light, Rockland

Two Lights, Cape Elizabeth

Curtis Island, Camden Harbor

Fort Point Light, Fort Pownall, Stockton Springs

\Winter Harbor Light, Schoodic Point

Steps leading up to Owls Head Light, Rockland