Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Curvy Road Less Traveled

It was one of those days.
The sun was out.
The skies were blue.
And adventure was calling our names.
I had directions.... but, thank you very much...., google maps failed me..
Persistence, determination, several turn-arounds, and a patient driver (King Ron)...we made it!.
Perched on a finger ridge of Cahas Mountain is John Gabel's tower.
This is not Ireland, my friends, this is Wades Gap Road, in Boones Mill, Va.(Franklin County)
John and Ron viewing Roanoke's Wells Fargo in the far distance.
John, greeted us, and took us on a tour of his land, his "man cave", and the tower.
The views were magnificent.....a 360 degree view of the nearby mountains and valleys.
John is now a retired school teacher, and doodles daily on his property!
His "man cave" is uniquely built into the hillside!
Man cave... sure does take on a new meaning here!

Oh you should see the inside of this man-cave!
John was one gracious Franklin County guy!
He and Ron talked, and talked, and talked, and talked.
His eagerness to inform us about the process of building his tower was a joy to hear!
(Isn't it nice to hear about someone who gets excited about something! He has a passion, and he is passionate about his hobby!)
The tower is made of local creek rock.
SEVENTY-ONE STEPS.... the number of steps to the top of the tower (I counted them huff, huff).
A spiral staircase winds up to the top!
John is obviously an excellent woodcraft kinda guy. Check out the pegs in these steps!

John Gabel broke ground for the tower in 1993. 
The diameter of the tower is 18 feet and over 50 feet tall.
Did I say magnificent views?? OH MY!

looking at Cahas Mountain
Yep, this curvy road less traveled today, led to a day of being outdoors, walking in the woods,  seeing new things, and meeting new people! The road less traveled often takes us places that we wanted to go to in the first place.