Monday, July 25, 2016

BEWARE of the Crawling Butternut Squash

This past winter, we purchased  a butternut squash.
It was HEAVY, EXPENSIVE, but great tasting.
I whipped up this soup ( YUMMY EASY RECIPE)  that was heavenly.
End or story?
Those that know Ron, know that he is quite the farmer. He has been cultivating the ground for as long as I've know him. Click on the highlighted link to see a post from 2012!--->How our Garden Grows ! and a link from this year!----> Hello From Outback
Back to the squash...King Ron saved the seeds, dried them, and planted them this year. Everything he does, is usually a whopping success!
This morning I took a few photos.
The bees were busy this morning

FYI... Squash flowers are unisexual, and require a bee to move pollen from male to female flowers! Female flowers that have not been pollinated will still produce a fruit, but she will not have seeds

Dying grass, but crawling Squash!
Curls and curls
Butternut flowers are twice the size of other squash flowers.

If all of these lovely squash mature...... I'll be calling you to help me cook!

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