Monday, August 8, 2016

Another trip around the sun

As Charlie Brown so eloquently said... "good grief!"
For me, another trip around the sun meant that I was 68 years old!
Hard to believe.
Most days I don't feel 68.
I used to think 68 was "elderly", but honestly, 68 is more about health and attitude.
It's a gift to wake up everyday.
Rise and shine!
Like Dave Ramsey said: Don't walk around looking like you were weaned on a pickle. If you are happy, notify your face! (that quote was on Twitter)
Happiness for me on my birthday (July 28th), was having most of my family all in one the same time!

My thoughts on growing older?....... I'll attempt to be as graceful as possible!
The journey around the sun has already begun again.
See ya next year!

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