Friday, June 16, 2017

June 16, 2017 How To Keep Up With A 2 Year Old.

How to keep up with a 2 yr old:

I didn't say 'how to keep a two year old busy'.
I didn't state 'how to keep a two year old happy'.
Nor did I address 'how to keep a two year old entertained'.
Pure and simple----->  How to keep 'UP' with a 2 year old.
And I'm referring to a human, not a dog, or cat.
Oh, I don't have the answers.
Go with the flow.
Rest when you can,
Eat when you have the opportunity.
Forget about doing anything else.
Wear tennis shoes.
Drink plenty of water.
For 8 hours, did our best.
Key word here: OUR
Child-labor was wonderful, and was used in a constructive way!

Meal-time was a cinch, especially since  he was familiar with WHERE his favorite food was stored!

Wyatt's Mom and Dad requested that he wear a hat while being in the sun.
I'm not real sure this is what they had in mind!

Wyatt was provided with fresh air, sunshine, and exercise....
We scored high on the fitbit numbers!

Smith Park on the Greenway, now has new playground equipment.
Wyatt was very familiar with every bell and whistle, every slip and slide, and EVERY TUNNEL.
Unfortunately, it was new to us, therefore a game of hide-and-seek was a hit (for him).

Yes, cultural activities were included in our PaPa-KK daycare camp.
I'm thinking that PaPa enjoyed this more that Wyatt.
He kept asking about the black keys, and indicated an interest in adding the piano to his retirement list!

Then there was nap time........

Oh by the way, Wyatt has been climbing out of his crib.
I wasn't prepared for that!
Never a dull moment.
Changes are on the way for his next visit.

8 hours of laughter.
8 hours of fitbit.
8 hours of constant motion(with hardly a bathroom break or tea time)
Best of all.........
8 hours of pure joy.

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