Friday, June 23, 2017

June 23, 2017 Sea Urchins, Sand, Sunscreen, Shells and Siestas

June 2017
*3 families, 9 people and ample room to find a niche for solitude*


Destination HOLDEN BEACH, NC.

*Laid-back, easy going, unhurried, and uncluttered*
(I was so lazy, I didn't get my big-girl camera out of the bag, except for a few photos.)
Most of the sea urchins were found the first day on the beach.

The other urchins were unable to be here, but were frequently and fondly remembered:

Sand, Sunscreen, Shells and Silliness filled the days.

We dug holes to the center of the earth.

Did I mention siestas?????
While you were sleeping.........

What a congenial group!
We read, and then read some more!
We ate.

We cooked.

We laughed...........a lot.

We played games

We watched movies.


Until next time....
I guess we will go home the way we came!

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