Monday, February 13, 2017

February 10, 2017 Hiking Carvin's Cove/Hay Rock Trail

Saturday February 10, 2017
It would be difficult to find a more perfect day for a hike in February, than this past Saturday.
We parked our car in the designated commuter parking area (Park & Ride next to the Exxon station) in Daleville, Va. As soon as you cross over the guard rail in the parking lot, you are walking on an unmarked trail.
The path is well marked, as you cross a creek, and railroad tracks.

The hike seemed easier than what I expected for the Appalachian Trail..... so far!
Ron and I have been walking 4-5 times a week as one of our 2017 goals.
We were confident and ready ready to tackle this trail!
"Can't see the forest for the trees"

The trail became a bit steeper.

The boulders looked similar to one of our favorite places, McAfee Knob (This hike ended up being a little longer, but a lot less crowded than McAfee. The view at McAfee Knob, however, is hard to beat.)

Oh yea, baby....this is grand! Hear me roar!! HAHAHA 

Ron's walking stick! (I'll bring one next time)

There were 3 overlooks with MAGNIFICANT views of Carvin's Cove.
I never knew until Saturday, how BIG the cove really was!
We stopped at this rock for a backpack assortment of goodies and water.

All of the photos taken today were with my iphone. Traveling light was a smart decision.
The ridge is rocky, but the path is obvious!

Rocky ridge

Oh what a spectacular view!

Iphone panorama with Ron on the right

Carvin's Cove in the background

I was on top of the world!


The actual HAY ROCK was another .8 miles up a steep, rocky climb.
We had reached our potential, and then some.
Common sense won over our desire to go to the top..... this trip!
Click here for maps and directions-----> Carvin's Cove/Hay Rock Trail
It was a gorgeous hike, perfect weather, and took us 5 leisurely hours.
We were ready to call it a day.
Next hike? SOOOOOOON!!!

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