Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February 1, 2017 KEN AND BARBIE

Meet Ken and Barbie
Ken and Barbie (not their real names, of course) are our son-in-law and our daughter.
They live here.
Ken and Barbie work full-time, and work very hard.
Ken and Barbie never (well, almost never) go anywhere without their children.
Today Ken and Barbie took a trip.....without their children(our grandchildren).
Zoom, zoom, zoom.
They had a flight layover here:
Did I say that they left...... WITHOUT THEIR CHILDREN?
Ken and Barbie left us (Papa and KK) alone.
We are in charge of these 2 energizer bunnies.
Remember? We did this last year! (AWAY WE GO)
And we survived.
Do you think we are ready?
We've memorized their schedules (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA),
received a few pages of instructions (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA),
and reported for duty yesterday!
So far, so good (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA).
Stay tuned.

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