Saturday, February 18, 2017

Another Hike ~ Read Mountain Preserve

February 17, 2017
Read Mountain Preserve
6101 Crumpacker Dr.
Roanoke, VA 24012
If ever there was a more peaceful place, so close to home, beautiful, with well maintained hiking trails, READ MOUNTAIN PRESERVE (Buzzards Rock) would be a hard act to follow!
(all photos in this blog were taken with my iphone)
(McAfee Knob is the peak on the right).

What we thought was going to be an "easy 3.9 mile hike", turned into a steep, fairly strenuous, 'moderate-hard' almost straight-up climb. We packed light, since we thought it would take a mere few hours. HA.
The skies were clear, blue, and the air was invigorating.

Mother nature was showing us some of her best ground work.

The trails were very well maintained, and included several areas with steps for us 'retired, but not expired' folks. The trail was marked with Carolina blue trail blazes on the trees.

We were in no hurry to race to the top, and took advantage of rocks that cried out to us; "STOP HERE AND SIT".

Sections of this hike were more narrow than what we expected. This caused us to concentrate on watching WHERE we were stepping, instead of looking at the view. Thanks goodness for the signs that said VIEW, or we would have missed one of the vistas!

Did I mention rocks, and boulders?
We crested the mountain's spine to Buzzards Rock.

The area is also known for its buzzards, thus the name BUZZARDS ROCK .
For at least 1/2 hour, we were sprawled out looking up in the sky as these buzzards zoomed by!
Oh to be able to fly like the birds!

So ends another adventurous day.
We are retired, but not expired!
But for today, it's Advil, coffee, and foot rubs.

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